Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Camo, Lace + Studded Heels

I found this adorable lace top at Target and I was like H O L L A!! As if Target wasn't already a huge bonus, I really feel like they've been stepping up their game lately. (I also got these adorable must-have shoes!) 

This outfit is so easy and simple, but the little added details are key! The mix of lace and camo is so pretty. I love seeing dressier items with more casual pieces. The added details from the tassel earrings and studded heels totally step this outfit up a notch. These studded heels are a Valentino dupe. And they are so pretty! :) I will link other options below as well. 

Every single item worn here is a piece I have so much love for. This camo jacket is about five years old and I'm still so in love with it! I have already talked about how much I dig all these pieces, so I won't bore you with repeating myself. I will link everything below!

Photography by Lisa Pummel
I can no longer find my exact top online. Dang it! But an almost identical one is here.
By clutch is also a couple years old, but this one is similar and comes in multiple colors!

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