Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Greenhouse Fun!

A few weeks ago I took the kiddies to a greenhouse and it was so much fun! The flowers were beautiful. The kids also loved riding in the wagons, collecting rocks and then... the bugs! Ryder has never really been a bug lover. He has no feelings either way when he sees bugs around. But Blakely is totally freaked out by anything that resembles a bug! Even if it's just a picture. Ha!! Such a girly girl and I love it. :)

My denim tie sleeve shift dress is from Target! It really is so cute and I'm loving the sleeve detail. Ryder's hat is from Etsy and shorts are from Target. I'm loving the Cat & Jack line. Such cute stuff for boys and girls! Ryder's tee is old (from Carters, similar here). Blakely's denim romper is sold out, but similar here. Her bow is from Loopty Loo Bows

I can't wait to take them back next summer and maybe have them help me plant some flowers at home! I wonder if we will have moved by then and where we'll be?? Crazy to think we won't be here, in our home we thought we'd be in forever. (Well, not forever. But a long time!) You can read about our move here

This summer has been exhausting for us! From sports, summer camps, traveling for karate with the family, the house being on the market (and having two toddlers in general!), we've had a busy summer! Not to mention that both the kiddies birthdays are in July, so I am tired! Ha. But I am desperate to make more summer memories before it slips through my fingers. 

Have you guys ever planted flowers with your kids? What are some of your favorite things to do in the summer with your kids??

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Soft Lace Detail + Neutrals

Man, this week is dragging for me over here! I feel like I need a 400 hour nap. And then maybe a Netflix marathon and another nap. Doesn't that sound amazing?? Ha. #momlife Anywho, this lace cut out top is so pretty! The lace in this top really takes this outfit up a notch. I love lace detailing and can't get enough! 

I kept the outfit neutral with my gray Rebecca Minkoff bag (mine is a couple years old, but this one is similar and currently part of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale) and my go-to nude sandals. I know I've already mentioned these like 1,000 times, but they really are the sandals I reach for the most - and only $30! If you aren't a heel lover (sometimes I get nervous carrying my kids around while wearing heels - especially when they are really little!) then I would pair these studded sandals with this outfit. They are my FAV. 

I love this denim and they are currently on major sale! Tim recently got me this perfume and I love it!! I never mix it up with my perfume. I have worn the same Chanel perfume since college! But I am loving this one and it's such a great (and cute!) gift. 

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Lemonade Stand Fun!

Both Ryder and Blakely have birthdays in July, so this month is always really busy for us! I've always been really into throwing huge custom birthday parties for the kids on their birthdays - both of their first birthday parties were huge! But I decided not too take on such a huge project this year since our house is on the market and life seems to be busier than ever. So I chose to take the easy route and throw them a joint birthday party at Chuck E. Cheese this year. And guess what, they loved every second of it!!! 

Since I wasn't going to throw a massive party that I could throw my creative heart into, I wanted to do a fun mini shoot with the kids. I got this adorable lemonade stand from Target (here + here) and the kids were so excited for it! I love these pictures soooo much and seriously just stare at them on my phone at night when the kids are in bed. :) 

I can't believe I have a four and two year old!! What?! I seriously feel like we just brought Ryder home from the hospital yesterday. I just can't believe how fast it all goes. Insert ugly cry here. My sweet little girl was just a newborn. And now she's two, full of spunk and making us laugh everyday. These kids are the light of my life and bring our family so much joy! 

So here are 3,628 pictures of my kiddies and their adorable lemonade stand. Because I couldn't stop myself and just posted them all. ;) 

Ryder was really upset about these cupcakes because they 1. weren't chocolate and 2. were lemon flavored. Blakely didn't seem to mind though. ;) lol
We were trying to get the kids to smile, so we started throwing lemons at them! Ha! They thought that was hilarious.
Photography by Jenna Sparks

PS here is a picture from us at the kids birthday party yesterday. They were so excited and had a ball. (Sidenote: TJ isn't here because his flight home from visiting family was cancelled, which resulted in him missing the party. I shed so many tears over that!!! We will just have to celebrate again once he's home! We missed him so much at the party.)