Sunday, November 29, 2015

Barre Forte

If you follow me on social media, you know I've been taking Barre classes recently. It's felt so great to be back at the barre! Being a dancer all my life, I love anything that makes you feel (and look!) like a dancer again. I have been taking classes at Barre Forte in Highlands Ranch. They have three locations in Colorado. If you love barre classes, or have ever been interested in trying a barre class, GO! They are amazing and full of energy. I swear after two classes I felt my body starting to change.

You guys. These classes. OMG I knew getting back into working out after having a baby (and a 2nd c-section) was gonna be rough. But, wow! It was a humbling experience to not be able to get through the class without stopping. I hate when I can't push through. But my body has not been working like this for a long, long time and it was in shock!! I'm not lying when I say after my first few classes, I could barely walk! Which I actually love. Makes me feel like I accomplished something. Ha! But also makes me very aware of how far I have to go. 

I know I've said before in previous posts that I don't like to push too hard or put myself under too much pressure to loose the baby weight. First and foremost, I want to enjoy my happy, beautiful babies. But as you add kids to your family, it becomes more and more difficult to carve out time for yourself. I try very hard to PLAN ahead. I write out my schedule for the week. This includes my errands to run, groceries to get, chores to do around the house, dinner plans for the week and when I will hit the barre/gym. I scheduled it in 5 times for the previous week and only made it to TWO classes. But that is still an improvement from 0! Planning ahead makes a big difference for me. This past week it was Thanksgiving, we had family in town, lots of snow and a sick toddler. #LIFE Am I right?! So I had to miss a couple classes that I planned on going to, and that's ok. Balance. Right? 

The awesome thing about Barre Forte is that they have multiple options for classes! I haven't been able to hit every class yet, but really looking forward to trying the vertical barre class next week! The cardio barre classes... OH. MY. GOSH!! I seriously thought I was going to die! I don't know how that teacher did the entire class with us while also talking into the microphone the whole time? I swear she didn't even seem out of breath! LOL She's my new role model. ;) But seriously, these classes are TOUGH and I can't wait to get stronger and be able to make it through an entire class without needing to take breaks. 

I try very hard to find a balance so I can work hard, play hard. And by "play hard" I mean eat and drink!! LOL I find that when I start working out and getting into a groove, I feel better. Have more energy and feel happier in general. This starts to snow ball and then I also become more aware of what I'm eating, how much water I'm drinking, etc. Lately I have been horribleeeeee at remembering to drink water. So this coming week I have plans to drink more water and I will attempt to hit 5-6 classes this week. I'll let you know how my next couple weeks go!

Click here to check out there website. Let me know if you guys go! I'd love to hear about your experience. The instructors are so sweet and STRONG! I hope you guys love it as much as I do!

Saturday, November 28, 2015

loulou LOLLIPOP - Teething Jewelry

Hey guys! I've been so excited to let you know about this amazing company. This modern teething jewelry is the cutest! I wish so badly that I would have known about this cute company when Ryder was a baby. Blakely loves her binki teething clip! She plays with it like a toy and of course sucks on it like crazy. I love the fact that it's so cute! People are always asking where I got her cute binki/teething clips from. And now that the holidays are right around the corner, this is a great gift for anyone who is pregnant, has a little baby, etc. Great little stocking stuffer and they come in the cutest little bags. I swear I have them all over my house! :) Clipped to her carseat, her blanket, her shirt, etc. I love them!!

Blakely is wearing a teething necklace here. Mommy (or Daddy!) can wear these as well.

You can shop their designs here. Let me know what designs you guys get! Would love to hear about your experience. Happy shopping! 

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Cozy Sweaters and Distressed Denim

I am loving these jeans! I wear these all the time and they are so comfortable and forgiving. They also aren't stretching out all gross after days of days of wearing them between washes. Never giving me the grandma knees or super saggy butt. Yuck. I hate when pants/leggings do that. I guess I've got a thing for fringe lately because I'm loving these fringe booties. I love the height of them. Sometimes booties can confuse me when they aren't the right height. Do I tuck the jeans in? Do I roll the jeans? Can I wear leggings with these booties?! Do I roll the jeans to show a little skin, or no? #FirstWorldProblems

This sweater is thinner (not a fan of bulky sweaters) but still very warm. I got it a size up so it's longer and I love wearing it with leggings. And of course this bag... I love this bag. If I could get it in five more colors, I would.

Bahaha this picture is a #PinterestFail Seriously, those people throwing (or blowing) leaves, snow, sparkles, etc. That is SERIOUS talent. Hahaha. A talent I clearly do not have. Better luck next time, Stef. But it's so flippin funny, I had to share. Because if you can't laugh at yourself, what's the point?! :) :)

Dang it! I think this sweater is sold out. But I love these sweaters: onetwothree.
Same bag, different color. (Which I'm loving!) // Denim (local!)
My statement necklace is old and I can't even remember where it's from? But here are others that I'm totally digging: one, twothree (this one is on sale!) // Booties

Monday, November 23, 2015

Adventures in Boulder

This past weekend we ventured off to Boulder with the babies. Tooth and I are always torn between doing "fun" things with kids. Wondering if it's worth the huge effort to get everyone out the door with feeding schedules, diapers, strollers, jackets, snacks, iPad, blankets, naps, etc. We are always saying, "but what will we do?!". Because the kids are so little, they can't really do much. We can't go skiing. Or go to movies. Or even go ice skating. But I've come to the conclusion that you just have to do it! Unless you want to be the family that doesn't do anything or go anywhere. Which is totally fine. But it's just not my style. I want to go out on mini adventures with my little family. Sure, it's a lot of work. And can be exhausting. But totally worth it. Otherwise, we never do anything! Plus, if we don't make some sort of plan with the kids every now and then, all of our weekends and "free time" is spent running errands, doing laundry, fixing things around the house, going to Costco, etc. Because the list. Never. Ends. #amiright So even though our "adventures" might seem insignificant and small right now, that's ok. I'm still enjoying it and soaking up every little family memory we can make. 

So we packed up the car and went to Boulder for the day a few hours. LOL It was chilly, but not bad and we just walked around Pearl Street. Going in fun little toy stores with the kids and sipping on hot coffee. We also ate lunch at the West End Tavern. Yum! And I swear every song that came on was a flash back to middle school. (Insert Sublime.) Haha. It's probably the most annoying thing to Tim when I sing to every song that comes on. Ha! But we ended up having a lot of fun. Even though our "fun" has changed significantly since having little ones. 

What do you do as a family when your kiddos are little? Would love ideas! Any places you love to go or do while your little ones are still really young? 

My baby. How is he already two and a half?! Stay little, Ryder Paul.

Goofball stole his sissy's teething binki cord. There will be a whole blog about these adorable binki clips soon! SOOO cute. You can see all their designs here: LouLou Lollipop

I think he enjoyed the corn dogs ;)

A dad and his babies. Probably one of the hottest things!

This kid lives the life! Cruisin around watching "minions" on the iPad.

This girl!! She's so goofy and smiles with her entire body. I love it!

Both kids are always happy to get back home after a long day out and about. Ryder is starting to kiss Blakely. Not very often. LOL But he's digging her smiles and I know he loves her. He's so sweet to her, even when he's jealous. Always making sure she's ok and trying to give her the paci. So sweet!

            Benny J Designs Bracelet // Blanket Scarf // Similar Steve Madden boots here and here
Freaking love this military vest // Leggings // Long sleeve T // Kendra Scott necklace

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

White after Labor Day

I love white pants. The whole "no white after labor day" saying is bananas. Wear whatever color you want, whenever! I actually love white jeans in the winter months. Pairing it with cozy sweaters and boots. So cute. This fringe sweater is so comfortable! You know I love easy layers that make outfits more interesting and this is just that. The cut of this is so cute and did I mention the fringe?! Love. It's also not a bulky sweater. Sometimes I struggle finding sweaters. I love the thought of a big, fat sweater... until I look in the mirror and I look three thousand times bigger than I am. ("DANE! There were like 1,000 fire fighters! OMG I just woke up from a 100 hour nap." ... If you don't get this, we are no longer friends ;))

I am such a sucker for cute clutches. Like a moth to a flame. Seriously. And this clutch is the perfect size. I'm strangely picky about the size of my bags. LOL Sometimes they are too small and I'm wondering how it's supposed to hold anything?! And other times, too big. Like, OK... It's supposed to be a clutch. Not an overnight bag with no strap! Ha. (Hmmm... this porridge is too hot... this is too cold. LOL) And this bracelet. I love! It's a wrap bracelet and this (local!!) company makes the cutest stuff! And it's such a great price point. You should check out their website for gift ideas. Great stocking stuffers, gifts for friends, etc. I love everything they have! Go check it out and let me know what you think! :)

Similar bootie and bonus! It's on sale! // Similar white denim here and here
Clutch and sweater from Denver Street Boutique
Similar necklace here and here. Loving this - 50% off!
Similar bracelet. The local bracelet company I was talking about. Check out all their designs here. And seriously, let me know what you think! 

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Fun Layers for Fall

I love scarfs and this mint color is so much fun. I am also loving these torn up boyfriend jeans. They are so comfortable! I love dressing these looser jeans up or down. I love mixing "dress up" clothes with more casual things. This top from Denver Street Boutique is so cute. I love the zipper detail on the front. (Added bonus: Makes nursing much easier!) And this olive color is one of my favs for fall and winter.

These fringe booties are my fav! I love them so much and I'm so sad they are no longer available! I will link similar styles that will be better for winter months. I love fringe booties! Such a fun and easy way to add another "layer" of interest to outfits.

I get so many questions about my curls! I am working on getting a few tutorials put together and posted on my blog. But OMG there is a huge learning curve there for me. LOL I'll get on that soon, promise! But just FYI, I curl my hair by wrapping it around the barrel (instead of putting hair inside the clip on the curling iron).

Other than my go-to braids and beach-y curls, is there any other tutorials you guys would like to see? Let me know what you're wanting and I'm hoping to start getting videos rolling (hopefully within the next week or two).

Fringe booties herehere and here // Distressed denim here and here
Zipper shirt from Denver Street Boutique. You guys, this boutique is awesome! So hard not to buy everything! You've been warned ;-)
Love this necklace from Evereve // Blanket scarf // MK Watch
Loving my layers bracelets from Benny J

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Blakely's First Snow

Today we woke up to the most beautiful snow. There is something so wonderful about seeing snow for the first time each year. I was so excited to show Blake (even though she has no clue and won't remember LOL) and she looked so cute in her puffy coat. OMG That girl. So freaking cute. Ryder was so excited to run around in it but didn't love the fact that his shoes and socks got wet (ha! He is is mothers son).

Those cheeks. I can't get enough.

Poor Blake! That jacket in her face. Good thing she's a chill baby. LOL Ryder was really worried about Lincoln here because he was shaking he was so cold.

"Lincoln!! COLD!!" LOL

Watching these two together makes my heart melt in a way I never knew possible.

He stole our babysitters credit cards. Ha! Good thing she loves him.

Everything about this girl makes me so happy! I swear sometimes I think my heart might burst. Along with my cheeks splitting open from smiling SO big and SO hard all day long.

Love you forever Blakely girl. She's 15 weeks old tomorrow. Time is flying!