Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Basic Layers for Winter

Hey guys! These pics were taken the last time we had a little snow. I'm really craving snow right now. This time of year just requires snow. Makes it feel like the holidays are coming. Since there hasn't been a ton of snow I think it's led me to believe there is more time until Christmas than there really is!! Yikes. I just realized there are only THREE weekends left until Christmas! 

I struggle this time of year. It is so easy for me to get really overwhelmed with my to-do list and balance all the things I'm juggling. I'm sure all moms/humans feel this way this time of year, right?! I find it helps me stay calm and feel less cluttered in my mind when the house is organized. My hubby is really helpful and is so sweet when it comes to this. He knows that this makes a huge difference with my anxiety. We try hard to keep up on the home, which is tough with lots of little humans running around making messes. Honestly, it's like these toddlers of mine don't even care about my need for perfectly straightened toys and organized drawers of clothes. Eye roll. 

I currently have four to-do lists with errands to run, groceries and dinner to buy and make, presents to buy. Laundry. Wash my car. Fold the laundry (after I wash it for the 5th time because I keep forgetting to hang it!). The list goes on. How do you guys manage to stay organized this year and not totally loose your shit?!

I absolutely love the simple, basic layers worn here. If the weather doesn't absolutely require a big, puffy (or stiff) jacket, I always skip it! It just easier to carry babies and bags and snacks all at once when I don't also feel like I'm really restricted by a giant jacket! This sweater is perfect for layering. 

I will link everything below. This hat is from last season but I will link similar ones! I love little pops of red (and leopard!). The red just gives me an extra pep in my step this time of year. SANTA!!! I KNOW HIM!!

I promise she loves me. ;)
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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Layers + a POP of Red

I can't believe it's Thanksgiving week! Eeek! I have so much to do to get my shit together before family comes in town this week. We are hosting a huge dinner at our house and even though the majority is ordered (thank you Whole Foods!!) it's still stressing me out. 

Anywho, now that we are in the swing of Christmas over here (we put up our tree last week and the kids are loving it!) I am loving pops of red. And the Starbucks red cups this year are so much fun. I know I'm not the only one who loves a good 'ol red Starbucks cup! 

This red bag is new and I absolutely love it! It comes in many colors but I had my eye on the red for a while. It's a knock off of the Chloe bag and I am really digging the shape of this cross body. I love that having a nice bag on takes an outfit up a step!

This beanie is a fav of mine and is only $15! This jacket was a steal at Forever 21. I will link similar options below. I just recently got these jeans and they are so comfy and stretchy! A must!!! And under $100. These booties and this black long sleeve tee are basics that I always reach for. 

I've talked  before about how a nice statement watch (like my favorite gold one here) can make any outfit look more interesting and more expensive! And of course these booties are my go-to right now. Linking a ton of items below. Wishing you all a wonderful holiday week!! xo 

Monday, November 21, 2016

Roma Rattles Keepsake

Hey guys! Today I am sharing our adorable rattles from Roma Rattles. Aren't they darling?! I got a few of these for friends who recently had babies and loved them! They come packaged so beautifully and are very well made. It comes with an oil to keep the rattle looking new and beautiful as well as a hand written note from the shop owner, which I loved. I have been impressed with this shop every time I order something! 

There are also a couple of options as far as style you can get to make them more personalized. I knew I would get one for Blake, but also got one for Ryder because I never got anything with his birth stats printed. (Shop Ryder's rattle HERE.) I thought I'd get it and it would be pretty decor I could add to his room. Turns out, he loves it even now (he's three!!) and likes playing with both of them! Ha. Silly boy. 

These are so beautiful and I absolutely love both styles. I decided to get the classic "B" for Blakely because I already have something with her birth stats written on and hanging in her room. (Shop Blake's rattle HERE.)

These are great gifts for friends and family who are expecting or just had a little one. Also, Christmas is just around the corner! Look at these adorable Christmas gifts HERE. If you get one, I'd love to see it and hear how much your little ones love it. :)

Ryder seeing his name... :)
This girl had so much fun shaking her rattle, I could barely get a picture in focus! HA
Huge thank you to Roma Rattles for our beautiful and personalized rattles that our babies will have as keepsakes forever!

If you're interested in outfit deets, I will link everything below! xo
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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Heart Full + Thankful

Hey guys! How cute is this tee from Crunchy Cuts?! I love their graphic tees for me and the kiddies! You can shop this exact tee HERE. This specific tee is perfect for this time of year. I also recently got this striped cardigan and love it. Sooo soft and will go with everything. I will be reaching for this thing all the time! 

Tooth got me this LV bag a few years ago (similar here) and I love the classic look. THIS bag has a very similar look, but more affordable. I like to use this bag when I'm carrying my laptop because it fits perfectly. 

These jeans are super stretchy (who doesn't love that??) and I really like the darker wash of them. I know I've mentioned this new personalized necklace from Stella & Dot before. But I seriously love it. The rose gold is my fav right now. (I got it personalized with my kiddies initials.) 

The turquoise ring I am wearing on my right hand was a gift from my mom. She was gifted a beautiful turquoise set (earrings, bracelet, ring and necklace) from her grandparents when she graduated high school. The set is beautiful and my mom gave them all to me on my 30th birthday. If you didn't already know, I love turquoise!!! This gift meant so much to me and I love wearing all the pieces. I will wear them forever and ever and someday pass all the pieces down to Blakely. 

Fun fact: Crunchy Cuts is based in Colorado! I love supporting small businesses. And the owner is so sweet! I hope you check out her shop and get some fun tees for the fam. xo