Monday, February 27, 2017

Downtown with the Kids + Toddler Tantrums

The other weekend we went downtown with the kids and strolled around for a bit. I wish this is what we looked like every day. But in reality, we are usually in mismatches clothes, covered in food and I feel like I am constantly managing one of the kids toddler tantrums. So these sweet moments are much appreciated! 

Everyone loves a little fresh air, and the kiddies love going on mini adventures, no matter how small they are. Dressing these two is so much fun for me! I try to shop sales and discounted items but I think we might be in trouble as Blakely gets older! She's already raiding my closet and putting on my shoes. She loves sitting in my lap while I put my makeup on in the morning and playing with my makeup brushes. :) So different from Ryder as a young toddler, running around fixing everything with his screw driver. Aw, I miss my baby Ryder man! 

Ryder is harder to dress these days. Constantly begging for "shorts and a black t shirt". He hates pants and wearing any sort of jacket or sweater. So I really have to warn him ahead of time to avoid the toddler tantrum!! Ugh. Now that he can dress himself (kind of) it helps him feel more independent, but also, he slooooooooow. And gets frustrated when he messes up or can't figure out how to zip his hoodie, etc.

I was telling my husband the other day that motherhood can be so stressful. It's so hard to wake up not knowing what mood your kids are going to be in. I never know if they are going to be whiney, moody, needy, etc. And sometimes just the question mark of motherhood can drain me. I know I will desperately miss these younger years (they are slipping through my fingertips!) but the days can be so very long and draining when two little people are tugging at you, have demand after demand and cry and get frustrated with the difficulties of being a toddler! All of our outfits (or similar items) are linked below. 

Photography by Lisa Pummel
Ryder's adorable "Heart Breaker" sweatshirt is from Ily Couture

Friday, February 24, 2017

Black Bell Sleeve + The Surprise Poo

It's Fri-YAY! Finally... I am so ready for the weekend. Mostly because that means the workers won't be in our home this weekend and hopefully they are finished painting the kitchen cabinets by the end of today?! Renovation is so exciting, but MAN, it's exhausting. Not having a kitchen, laundry room, or basically any access to our main floor for two week has been rough. And I have a feeling it's going to spill into next week as well. But we are nearing the end of this giant project and I am so excited for this part of the renovation to be over!

It's been chilly the past couple days in Denver and we even got a little snow! I love these boots for snowy, cold days. These are Uggs and they are sooo comfortable. I love that I can still wear leggings and casual tops with them and it just takes my outfit up a level (as apposed to my more casual Uggs). Or, you can dress them up like I did here. This is the prettiest neutral and matches everything! I don't know why I waited so long to get some "dressier" but still super comfortable boots. They are the best.

This bell sleeve top is old (from Express) but will link similar ones below. I am loving this bell sleeve look right now! Such a fun little detail and I really dig the hint of lace on this top. How cute is this flare sleeve sweater?! Love it. I kept this outfit pretty simple, pairing it with my favorite Rebecca Minkoff bag. Can't get enough of this bag! (Mine is sold out! SAD. But here is the same bag in a smaller version. So pretty. Also really digging this bag.)

I was reminded of a funny story that happened the other day and randomly felt the need to write it out. Warning: this story talks about poop. If talking about poop is wrong, then I don't wanna be right. ;) But seriously. You've been warned. (Story below outfit pics and links.)

Sometimes, you just need to bust out a good lunge.

I used to see a chiropractor on a regular basis. He helped me with some back pain and an old knee injury from dance. His name is Geoff and he was a God-send. Him and his wife lived in a smaller home in Denver with a detached garage that Geoff turned into his office and that's where he'd work on his clients. Before heading into his garage/chiropractic den, Geoff would always ask clients if they needed to use the restroom before getting worked on.

Back track** I have had digestive issues since I can remember. (I told you this whole blog is totes TMI.) Sometimes I go days without going #2. It's brutal. Sometimes, out of nowhere, I'll have a sudden urge to go. Luckily, I've always been near a facility, so I haven't had any close calls. Phew!

But, this one afternoon, I remember going to use the bathroom in Geoff's home with no intention of a #2 happening. But sometimes, it just sneaks up on ya! Geoff was always on me about pooping. Telling me things to eat, not eat, tips on how to massage my belly. Reminding me of how important gut health is. Blah, blah, blah. So I found it ironic that of all places, this is where my body decided to release a sizable poo.

And it was such a relief. Ha! You know that feeling when you have a good 'ol poo and feel 10 pounds lighter? The best, right?! Anywho, turns out Geoff got one of those "water saving", "save the planet" toilets. You know, the kind that barely works because it's trying to conserve water. UGH! I don't understand people being so worried about the earth. I mean, we don't even recycle over here. (Calm down, people. I'm kidding! Kinda.)

Long story short, after several minutes of me trying to flush and crack the bathroom window open because oh dear God, the smell! I realized I had to come to terms with the fact that the toilet was not going to flush. I also remember Geoff was standing outside by the garage waiting on me, and his wife was in the next room (9 months pregnant!) probably wondering what the fuck I was doing in there!

I was forced to put on a brave face (a very RED, brave face) and explain to Geoff's wife what had happened. I remember her sitting on the couch, looking miserable. You know, the way all 9 month pregnant women look. I explained that I used the restroom but the toilet wouldn't flush. She didn't seem concerned at all, telling me that sometimes those water saving toilets don't flush very well. Then she said no big deal. It's just pee, right? And I just stared at her, my face red and in disbelief this was my life. Ummmmm.... no. A number 2. Like a bad number 2. Bahahaha still to this day (this was about 5 years ago!) I think of this story and turn bright red!

She looked at me in pure shock and then said oh!! Well that's embarrassing!! Yes. Yes, it is. Thank you for that. My thoughts were: Welp, good luck with that! Peace! And then I apologized and ran out of the house wishing I was invisible.

Not realizing that Geoff was standing there still waiting for me (I was too focused on escaping), I then had to go get worked on by him for an hour while I explained the horrific story to him! He laughed hysterically! Thank God he saw the humor in it. I was sooo embarrassed. He congratulated me and was proud of my body for pooping. SEE, this is why my body never lets me poop!! And I pretty much haven't pooped since...

I told Tim this story and he of course laughed until he cried. He still tells this story and lauuuuughs. His. Ass. Off. Thanks, babe.

Now that we have three kids to manage, I haven't seen Geoff in ages. Sucks. My body hurts. Sometimes I lay in bed moaning Geofffffff. Tim looks at me strangely for saying another mans name while laying in bed and then oh. Your back again? That sucks. Geez. The sympathy over here is just more than I can bear!.... .... .... ... not. (Said in Borat voice. Obvi.)

So... How's your poop situation these days? ;) Any funny or embarrassing stories? Would seriously love to hear! Ha. Who doesn't love a good laugh??

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Kiddies in the Park

Every now and then I get a intense desire to capture these kiddies in their element. I cannot get enough pictures of these adorable growing babies of mine! I know I will never regret taking the time to get quality pics taken (and not the blurry, horribly lit ones I capture on my phone. Although, I love those, too). 

Ryder was killing me while we were taking these pictures. He's recently grown up so much. He seems so much older and he's so much fun to be around! He was all about posing for the camera and showing off his "dinosaur teeth/smile". Ha! Love this kid so much! He was also being so sweet to Blakes and kissing her. I love when they are playing well together. Recently he's decided she's cool enough to hang with him and wants her everywhere he is. "Mom, Bwakewy wants to sit by me to eat breakfast." "Come on Bwakes, let's go play over here!" It absolutely melts me and I hope they are always best friends!

I will link all of our outfits below. Dressing these kids is so much fun and there are some great sales going on right now! :) You can see my full outfit post I'm wearing here

Photography by Jenna Sparks
My FULL outfit post - here
Blakey's Piper and Finn shoes // Dress is out of stock! :(

Monday, February 20, 2017

Lace Details + Statement Necklace

Happy Monday morning! This cream blouse is so feminine and beautiful. I love that it is a little flowy and the lace and tie details are so great. (See exact cream blouse here.) I kept this outfit simple, adding a statement necklace as a little pop. I love statement necklaces of all kinds, but this one with the jewels is so beautiful and definitely takes the outfit up a notch. 

These jeans are my favorite. I really like the darker wash, slight distressed look and they are soooo soft and stretchy. So worth the investment. My nude pumps are old, but will link similar ones below. 

In my mom life funk, sometimes I don't know what day it is. They all blend together with tantrums and boogars and snacks. Ha! But I always know it's Monday when I have The Bachelor to look forward to! ;) 

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