Monday, February 27, 2017

Downtown with the Kids + Toddler Tantrums

The other weekend we went downtown with the kids and strolled around for a bit. I wish this is what we looked like every day. But in reality, we are usually in mismatches clothes, covered in food and I feel like I am constantly managing one of the kids toddler tantrums. So these sweet moments are much appreciated! 

Everyone loves a little fresh air, and the kiddies love going on mini adventures, no matter how small they are. Dressing these two is so much fun for me! I try to shop sales and discounted items but I think we might be in trouble as Blakely gets older! She's already raiding my closet and putting on my shoes. She loves sitting in my lap while I put my makeup on in the morning and playing with my makeup brushes. :) So different from Ryder as a young toddler, running around fixing everything with his screw driver. Aw, I miss my baby Ryder man! 

Ryder is harder to dress these days. Constantly begging for "shorts and a black t shirt". He hates pants and wearing any sort of jacket or sweater. So I really have to warn him ahead of time to avoid the toddler tantrum!! Ugh. Now that he can dress himself (kind of) it helps him feel more independent, but also, he slooooooooow. And gets frustrated when he messes up or can't figure out how to zip his hoodie, etc.

I was telling my husband the other day that motherhood can be so stressful. It's so hard to wake up not knowing what mood your kids are going to be in. I never know if they are going to be whiney, moody, needy, etc. And sometimes just the question mark of motherhood can drain me. I know I will desperately miss these younger years (they are slipping through my fingertips!) but the days can be so very long and draining when two little people are tugging at you, have demand after demand and cry and get frustrated with the difficulties of being a toddler! All of our outfits (or similar items) are linked below. 

Photography by Lisa Pummel
Ryder's adorable "Heart Breaker" sweatshirt is from Ily Couture

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Kiddies in the Park

Every now and then I get a intense desire to capture these kiddies in their element. I cannot get enough pictures of these adorable growing babies of mine! I know I will never regret taking the time to get quality pics taken (and not the blurry, horribly lit ones I capture on my phone. Although, I love those, too). 

Ryder was killing me while we were taking these pictures. He's recently grown up so much. He seems so much older and he's so much fun to be around! He was all about posing for the camera and showing off his "dinosaur teeth/smile". Ha! Love this kid so much! He was also being so sweet to Blakes and kissing her. I love when they are playing well together. Recently he's decided she's cool enough to hang with him and wants her everywhere he is. "Mom, Bwakewy wants to sit by me to eat breakfast." "Come on Bwakes, let's go play over here!" It absolutely melts me and I hope they are always best friends!

I will link all of our outfits below. Dressing these kids is so much fun and there are some great sales going on right now! :) You can see my full outfit post I'm wearing here

Photography by Jenna Sparks
My FULL outfit post - here
Blakey's Piper and Finn shoes // Dress is out of stock! :(

Monday, February 20, 2017

Lace Details + Statement Necklace

Happy Monday morning! This cream blouse is so feminine and beautiful. I love that it is a little flowy and the lace and tie details are so great. (See exact cream blouse here.) I kept this outfit simple, adding a statement necklace as a little pop. I love statement necklaces of all kinds, but this one with the jewels is so beautiful and definitely takes the outfit up a notch. 

These jeans are my favorite. I really like the darker wash, slight distressed look and they are soooo soft and stretchy. So worth the investment. My nude pumps are old, but will link similar ones below. 

In my mom life funk, sometimes I don't know what day it is. They all blend together with tantrums and boogars and snacks. Ha! But I always know it's Monday when I have The Bachelor to look forward to! ;) 

Click arrows on either side to scroll through items. 

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Breakfast in Bed

Every now and then I crave sitting in bed and watching cartoons while eating donuts with the kids! We don't do it very often, but it's so much fun when we do. I think the kids love a more relaxed mom who is ready to play, rather than the "go, go, go" mom who is constantly saying, put on your shoes, hurry up, we need to go! You know, the mom who is totally ok with food all over her bed and able to embrace the smushed sprinkles and chocolate smeared across her face and clothes from the kids making a huge mess. I am trying to be more of that mom and less of the OCD mom that I tend to be the majority of the time. 

Mom guilt is real, guys. I find it's always worth taking the time to stare at their faces and appreciate the little moments we have together in these young years. I'll never regret taking time to slow down and enjoy the chaos every now and then. I'm so grateful I get to be home with them!

So I surprised the kids with donuts in bed and they loved every second of it. It ended with us jumping on the bed and the kids squealing with joy. I need to do easy fun-filled things like this more often! I'm just soooo not a morning person. ;) It's safe to say I enjoyed this fun morning as much as the kiddies!

Photography by Lisa Pummel