Sunday, January 31, 2016

Long Time, No Barre

Is it just me, or is it SOO hard to stay on track over the holidays?! There is never enough time to get everything done. With family in town, shopping to do (being Santa is hard work!), sick babies, etc it was almost impossible to get to Barre. I also have such a hard time leaving my babies!!!! I constantly feel a pull to be with them, no matter how much I want to feel the burn. So I tried not to be too hard on myself for skipping classes here and there. Trying to remind myself that it wasn't the end of the world if I missed a class I planned on attending and that I can always get back on track once I was mentally, physically and emotionally ready. (And once my babies were feeling better!) This is one of the reasons I love Barre Forte! Because when you buy a "class pack" from them, there is no pressure to use it ASAP. They don't expire! HUGE bonus! 

All the teachers are the perfect combo of sweet and BAD ASS. Seriously, so strong. Every time I'm there watching them teach and do the class with us at the same time, I'm in awe. They don't even seem out of breath. WTF?! I'm like dizzy and sweating and breathing soooo hard. HA! Oh, and shaking. I love feeling the shake because I know I'm pushing myself. But OMG ouch!!! ;-) I love it. 

I've had a few friends express interest in taking classes but are afraid of it being too difficult. These classes are tough, but you go at your own pace. If you need to take a break, get water, etc... DO! You can push as hard (or not) as you want to. The teachers are very encouraging but never make you feel embarrassed if you are struggling or need breaks here and there. Isn't that the worst feeling ever?! When you finally get yourself to a workout and feel like you're being picked on by the instructor? Or like you're about to PASS OUT but the teacher just keeps pushing and pushing??? UGH. I hate that. Makes me feel so self conscious, uncomfortable and I never want to go back. I promise this will not be the experience you get from Barre Forte! People of all ages, shapes and sizes are in these classes. I've also had friends ask me what to wear. Feel free to wear whatever you're most comfortable in! But the most common attire is yoga pants and workout tops (think lululemon). Similar to yoga classes. And sticky socks if you have them. If not, just take regular socks. 

Would love to see your pretty faces there! Let me know if you ever want to go together and we can feel the burn together! And thank you to all who entered my giveaway over the weekend for the 1 free month of unlimited classes! I have a love/hate relationship with giveaways because I want to give them to EVERYONE! #anxiety LOL But remember that your first week is free (unlimited classes) and they have specials for first time clients. Hope you try it and love it! :)

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Thursday, January 28, 2016

Family Holiday Photos 2015

So, I know the holidays have come and gone. I still feel like I'm playing catch up with my life. But I wanted to share these amazing photos from Newell Jones and Jones Photography (you can visit their site here). When you're taking family pictures with kids, you need a photographer that loves kids and is patient. Anna is just that! I told her before the shoot that I didn't have high expectations for Ryder to cooperate. LOL! I explained that if we get him to just LOOK at the camera, even if it's just a stone cold face, we'd be lucky. And... We got it! VICTORY! Ha. 

Blakely was only two months old here. I can't believe how fast the time is flying by and I'm so glad my family allowed me to get them all dressed up for this shoot. I saw this sequin dress and fell in loooove. When we got to red rocks it started to downpour! Also, our photographer got stuck in some random road work we weren't expecting and I was seriously stressing that we were gonna have to reschedule (because of weather and because we were running out of daylight). Here we were, all dressed up. My family annoyed, as usual. HA! But it ended up working out. Thank God! All these pictures were taken in like 18 minutes. LOL We were running out of daylight and I was wondering how on earth we could have gotten any pics that quickly. But she did! Amazing. We only took a few pictures with the five of us because... That's so hard! Getting five people/kids to look at the camera, smiling, eyes open, not crying, etc. That is tough! I am so happy with the one she ended up getting (first pic below). I forgot how hard it is to take pictures with a two month old. She couldn't hold up her own head yet and obviously had no strength to hold up her own body. So getting her in a position where you could see her cute face (and adorable dress!) was quite difficult. But she was a trooper and never got upset. She also wasn't quite at the age where we could get her to smile on demand. So her and Ryder are rocking the STONE face. Ha! 

Sorry for the pictures overload! I have the hardest time picking when these adorable kids are involved. Blakely was obviously highlighted. :-) She's a doll. Love her so much!

Oh my gosh, that face!!

I can't believe I managed to pull this shoot off with a two month old! But I'm so glad to have professional pictures of our bitty baby. I can't believe how much she has already changed!

Taking pictures is hard work, people!

This handsome man of mine. I sure do love him.

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Cowl neck + POPS of color

Hey guys! I love this outfit so much! The pop of turquoise, gold, maroon... heaven. So much of what I'm wearing is from local boutiques. I told you I love these comfy jeans! Can't get enough of them. Seriously everything about this outfit is easy and comfortable but you can always trade the heels for flats and switch out the clutch for a diaper bag if you're headed out with the kiddos. 

This cowl neck sweater is so comfortable and thin. I tend to be HOT when I'm nursing and have a hard time wearing thick sweaters because I can't cool down. So I'm loving that this is thin and cooler for me to wear in winter months. Hope you guys are having a great week so far!

T strap heels // Similar cowl neck sweater // More cowl neck sweaters here
Tomboy distressed denim - on sale!
Benny J Bracelet - similar // Loving this stack!
Similar clutch from Denver Street Boutique here and here

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Little Bijou Bows GIVEAWAY!

Hey guys! Blakely and I are so excited about our newest GIVEAWAY! We have teamed up with Little Bijou Bows to giveaway a $20 gift card! You can take this money and purchase whatever item floats your boat. But good luck buying just a couple. I can't stop myself from the adorable colors, prints, styles, etc and suddenly I'll have 15 different bows in my online cart. Ooops! :) But seriously, the cutest bows ever. Since I have found these bows, I have a hard time putting anything else on Blake. A HUGE bonus is that they are one size fits all! I was getting so frustrated when Blakers was a little baby and she could only wear her bows a couple times before they were too small. Feels like such a waste. So I'm loving the fact that she will be able to rock these dainty, adorable bows more than once! LOL 

Head over to my Instagram (whatsup_buttarcup) to see how to enter this giveaway. I will be promoting this on multiple social media sites, but you can only enter through Instagram. Good luuuuck and don't forget to tag your mommy friends who you think would also like to enter the giveaway. You can check out their shop here!

Oh, and now I have an excuse to post a bunch of random pictures of Blakes, right?! :-D So here are just a few. HA! Love this little lady bug.  

Ok, that was a LOT of random pics. LOL But can you blame me? Look at those cheeks!! :) :) :)

Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Shop Denver

This is one of the comfiest outfits! I recently went by Fabrik (I can't allow myself to go there very often because I want everything!) and got this shirt. You guys have to feel it. It's amazingly soft! It's so comfortable and long enough to pair with leggings. This boutique is awesome. It isn't crammed like a lot of boutiques can be. What's so amazing to me is that they remember me! Not only me, but my kids!! I walk in, they remember Ryder's name and give him stickers which is adorable and so amazing of them. Who doesn't love it when people Ooo and AAhhh over their kids?! I'm always so impressed by the wonderful women who work there. 

This necklace is a new fav. As I like to say, turquoise is my love language. ;) I love everything about this necklace! I got it from Denver Street Boutique and it is made locally here in Denver. This coffee mug is another local company that makes the best stuff! I've been taking this cute tumbler from Aspen Lane everywhere because it's adorable and also, moms need coffee. We go together like mac n cheese... Am I right?! Most of the time, it's survival mode and having a cute coffee mug brings a little bit of happiness to my very early mornings! (PS: Aspen Lane also sells adorable custom pillows, baby blankets, etc. All great gift ideas.) 

This clutch always grabs my eye. I really dig it and it comes in other colors as well. I love that it isn't super bulky so I can throw it in a bigger bag, if necessary, or wear it as a cross-body bag (chain included). And who doesn't love a fab nude heel? I have an obsession with nude shoes of all kinds. The shoe I'm wearing is a copy of Valentino's. It is much cheaper and equally adorable. I love this heel so much with the T strap.  I got them in two colors! They are the perfect height.   They never force me to walk like my feet are strapped in a torture chamber. I get really nervous carrying babies while wearing heels that are too high, but this height is very comfortable. 

I gravitate to this Tory Burch wrap bracelet because it goes with everything! I can easily dress it up or down and this tan color matches anything I put on. Of course I have to mention my diamonds from Hadley's House of Diamonds. They can make you anything you want! In any price range. You truly feel like royalty when you shop there. Who doesn't love that?! If you're looking to upgrade your wedding ring, simple diamond studs, simple dainty necklaces, anniversary gifts, etc. They can do it all and I promise you will not be disappointed! If you're interested in designing something (or buying something they carry) I'd love to work with you to create the perfect piece!

And these jeans! Easily my new favorite distressed denim. Again, so soft and stretchy. I love the ultra distressed look and another bonus: They aren't super long! I have short legs and always need to get my pants hemmed. Well, I should get my pants hemmed. But most of the time I am too lazy to take the extra step and skip the hemming process. Leaving me with way too much fabric to roll up at the bottom! But these are perfect. Even if you have longer legs, I think jeans look cute when they show a little skin/ankle. 

This whole outfit can be easily worn day or night by changing just a few things. Swap out the heels for some Converse, Uggs or flip flops and you're ready to chase after your kids! So easy to take off the necklace so you can baby-wear and throw the rest of my hair into a messy pony to get it out of the way. And like I mentioned above, this clutch is small enough to throw into my diaper bag or a larger tote that I always have with me when I'm running around with kids. 

Dressing Blake might be my number 1 hobby these days. HA! I just love these bows from Splendid and those leopard moccs? I die. Adorable! Also, her rolled up chambray. HA! I love it. And her chubby wrist. She just woke up before taking these pictures and I don't think she was quite ready for her glamour shots yet. ;) Sweet girl. I love her OH SO MUCH! Her arm around that flamingo?! Stop it. Just too much cuteness!! And Ryder's not in these pics because he hates it and has way more fun running around playing on the "slippery" snow. I try not to torture him with pictures more than necessary. LOL!

Tumbler from Aspen Lane // Chevron ring
Turquoise necklace - Denver Street Boutique
Same clutch, different color here
Other clutches I love: onetwothree
Halogen T-strap heels // Distressed denim from Pinks
Top from Fabrik in Aspen Grove // TB wrap bracelet
Hadley's House of Diamonds
(Contact me and we can create your perfect piece together!)

FP moccs // Bow
Leggings and Chambray top from Carters

Hope you are all having a fabulous day! Cheers to looking put together even while being covered in spit up, snacks and marker! ;) 

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Snake Skin Dress + Blakely Gray

Ok, sorry if a few of my future posts look a little "holiday" inspired. They were. I'm a little behind in posting, oops. But this girl! UGH. I just want to swish those cheeks! Stone face. I love it. Sometimes she even "scowls" and I kinda love that, too. LOL This dress is so easy to throw on for work, church, a night out, etc. So cute. I've also paired it with leggings and Uggs for a more casual look and I loved that as well. 

I love this little clutch! It's a cheapo I snagged from TJ Maxx a few years ago, but I'll link similar ones. Blakely's outfit is something I have mixed and matched from Carters. The leggings have a little sparkle in them which is freaking adorable. And these moccs. I have a mocc addiction. And bow addiction. Oops. :-)))))


I can't take it! I squish her all day long. I promise she loves me. ;-)

This little squishy love bug. Just the cutest!

My exact dress from Denver Street Boutique is sold out. But this one is similar and I love!
Black heel // Similar sequin clutch: onetwothree.