Friday, October 27, 2017

Halloween 2017 - Game of Thrones - Mother of Dragons

Our family loves this time of year! It's so much fun and Tim and I have had a lot of costumes over the years. Now the kids are forced into the family tradition, too. LOL But they loved it this year. Ryder asked to wear his costume every day for the first week, but I had to hide Blakely's because I didn't want that beautiful tutu to get messed up. 

Can I get a fist pump from all my Game of Thrones fans out?!?!?! Hollllaaaaaaa. Tim and I are obsessed and binge as often as possible. We aren't completely caught up yet, so please don't get anything away. ;) I made these costumes very PG (obvi) and love how it turned out. I saw a similar idea on Pinterest and just went for it! I am so in love with these pictures! #heartexplosion

I looked and looked for a costume for Ryder. I knew his would likely be something that was already made and that I would have to make Blakely's to match his (color-wise). So after looking forever, I finally found his adorable (and perfect!) dragon costume at Pottery Barn Kids! I was shocked! I didn't even look there because I didn't think they'd have a dragon. I got the last 4T in store and was soooo excited when I found it. 

I then found Blakely's on Etsy. It was already in a similar green color to Ryder's, so it was a match made in heaven. I ordered it right away. And when it came in the mail I was so pumped! It is so beautiful and professionally made. I was really impressed! She loves it and looks so effing cute. I can't handle it. 

I knew I just wanted to keep my outfit plain and simple since the kids were in full-blown costumes and full of color already. So I found this tee on Etsy and it was perfect for what I was going for. I originally wanted a blue skirt of some sort because that's what I think of when I think of Khaleesi. But then I realized I was just going to clash too much with the kids, so I decided to go for black. I also knew I didn't want a skirt that went all the way to the ground because it's so hard to move around in a big, long skirt like that with the kiddies. (Last year I wore a long tulle skirt that was so pretty! My mama made it. But I felt so bad because I could hear it ripping and I was bending over and standing up over and over again with the kids. You can see last years family costume HERE.) Anywho, I also love that I can wear this tee and tulle skirt again in real life! Winning. 

These pictures make me so happy and I'm so glad I took the time to do family costumes this year (I was tempted not to with the move and everything going on over here - we are busy!) Thanks to Jenna for these amazing pictures. Last year the pictures were taken on my camera - which is a nice Nikon - and I edited them. But you can see the difference between a real photographer in these pics! LOL Note to self: Just because you own a nice camera, does not mean you are a real photographer. #rookie #dangit

Photos by Jenna Sparks Photography

Monday, October 23, 2017

Monogram Necklace + Everyday Sweater

This sweater is lightweight and the prettiest color! I love easy sweaters like this in fall and winter that can go with a ton of outfits and you can dress it up or down. I've had this monogram necklace for a while and still can't get enough of it. I love how the marble look pops on this dark top. This monogram necklace comes in lots of color options (so fun!) mine is in 'blonde marble'.

I mentioned this denim in my last blog post.  I have this pair (and another similar pair worn in my previous post that is very similar) and wear it over and over. I just got these heels and loved them so much I got them in nude, too! I needed to replace my old, worn out black and nude heels and these are so pretty and at a great price point. Everyone needs these basics in their wardrobe! :)

Of course my exact sweater is sold out, but I have linked several great sweaters below. All come in multiple colors and some are currently on sale! xo

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Ruffle Sleeves + Distressed Denim

This top is so cute! I love the sleeves. It really is the most comfortable thing. (I just realized my exact top is completely gone! The brand is Gibson, and I really like the quality. I will link similar looks below.) My exact denim is here. This denim is very similar! I actually have both pairs because the price point is great and I loooove distressed denim. These heels were such a great steal from Target. I keep telling myself to get them in black, too! I seriously wore them so much this summer and early fall. If you're wanting a bootie with this outfit to make it better for cooler weather this fall and winter, I am loving these and these

These sleeves might be tough is you're wanting to layer up a bit more. I don't know how you'd fit these things into a jacket sleeve. Ha! But you could layer this adorable cape over it. I ca'nt wait to layer it with cute scarves. I have a problem with accidentally collecting scarves. Oops. Love this and this

Photos by Lisa Pummel Photography

Monday, October 16, 2017

Flowy Top, Camo Jacket + SOLD

Hey guys! This black lace top from Pink Blush is so comfy. I can't find my exact top, but this top is similar here. I love loose, flowy tops. They just make me happy. And cozy. Jenna (my photog) kept saying this top isn't flattering! And I was all you huuuush. It's comfy. And it's covering my muffin top! Ha! But seriously, tops like this (especially in cooler months) are my jam!! I love Pink Blush style and their price point for their clothing is so good. I have several dressed and tops from there and have worn them over and over again. So good. A lot of the tops at Pink Blush double as flowy tops/maternity tops. Same for their dresses. Lots of things working well for nursing mamas. Which is so nice. 

This denim is old, but this pair is similar and again, I love the price point. I also own this pair and wear them over and over and over. #repeatoffender Love me some distressed denim. ;) This clutch was purchased in Australia (from my friend) and I love it. This one is similar! You guys already know my obsession with these booties. And this camo jacket (similar here and on sale for $25)! 

ALSO: Our house officially went under contract yesterday! We are so excited and hopeful that it all works out and we find a new home asap. We are hesitant to pop the champagne and get into full-blown celebration mode because it still seems surreal! Fingers crossed it all works out. This has been so overwhelming and stressful. I am looking forward to the day we are moved, unpacked and somewhat settled in our new home - whatever home that may be!