Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Chilly Weather Wears

Hey guys! Happy Valentine's Day! :) Is it just me, or does Valentines Day and the chilly weather make you want to cuddle up into a cozy ball too? This sweater dress is so comfortable and exactly what I want to wear on cozy, cool days. I paired it with leggings here, but as the weather gets a little warmer I will also just wear it with just flats.

This sweater (from Pinks Boutique) is warm and thick and goes perfectly with a hot chocolate and a fuzzy blanket by the fire! I love throwing this on when I want to be really casual and comfortable but still look cute. And these leggings from Shop Blume go up higher than most and kinda help tuck it all in! LOL Every mom needs leggings like that, right?!

My hubby got me these wedge Sorel boots for Christmas and I just love them! They truly are sooo comfortable! I was a little worried about wearing a wedge while carrying around a baby, but I feel very stable and secure walking in these. Seriously, so comfortable. And cute! I always pair them with leggings and tuck the leggings inside to keep my legs warm (sometimes feeling the cool air on my legs in winter months drives me nuts! I just want to be covered and warm!).

I love these tassel earrings. I wanted them for so long and finally pulled the trigger on these beauties. I love when I get to wear fun earrings and big necklaces on date night (I can't wear them with Blakely right now, she'll pull them right out of my ears!). These shades were a steal at Express! I love when they have major deals on their accessories. I never feel guilty getting things I don't really need when they are on major clearance. I got these and another pair for $5! BONUS.

This clutch is a go-to for date night. I love this gold color but Denver Street Boutique has many colors and patterns in this same clutch and I always stand there staring for a good 10 minutes before I can decide which one I want. HA! I just love all colors and... well, everything! LOL But this gold clutch is one I always reach for.

Hope you guys are having a great day! And let's hope the cold weather won't last too much longer. I can't wait to feel spring in the air.

Sweater Dress from Pinks // Sorel Wedge Boot
Leggings from Shop Blume // Sunglasses
Gold Clutch from Denver Street Boutique - Similar here
Similar Tassel Earrings here (LOVE these!)

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Chunky Dutch Braid Video

Hey guys!! This video is so embarrassing. LOL I'm such a rookie! I get so many questions about my braids and they are soooo easy. I hope this helps. This video isn't great quality and my husband was videoing me while the dog was barking, Ryder was screaming and Blakely was on his hip. #momlife

I hope to someday repost this braid with a higher quality video. Like I said, I don't know what I'm doing when it comes to videoing, editing, etc. This video is sped up (to help shorten the length of video for you) but FYI if you have thick hair like me, I do not pull all my hair into my braids. Otherwise, they are TOO big and just out of control! Even if you have very thin hair, you can do this braid. Just keep pulling it out until it looks as thick/chunky as you want it to.

I would LOVE to see your braids if you try this. Tag me in your posts so I can see! :) (Instagram: whatsup_buttarcup) Let me know if there are any other braids you'd like tutorials for. Because, you know. I make the most amazing, high quality tutorial videos everrrrrrrrrrr, right?!

Click HERE to see YouTube video. Or you can check out my Facebook for full tutorial as well. Hopefully this video helps you or at least gives you a good laugh!!! ;) #rookie

Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Valentines Day!

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY! These two just melt me. Ryder's starting to want to "play" with Blakes. She's always looking at him and smiling or laughing. He loves it! Sometimes he'll just lay by her and smile at her. Adorable!! If she cries he gets all worried and says, "mommy! Bwakewy sad. Give binki!" And it's just the sweetest. If we're in the car and I'm trying to get her to fall asleep I will cover her seat with a blanket so she's in the dark (she falls asleep and stays asleep longer if it's dark). He hates this and wants to be able to see her. "Mommy, take off! Can't see Bwakely!" :) 

Ryder is also going through a mommy phase. I have looked forward to this for two years! LOL He's always been a big fan of daddy and would prefer him often. Which I thought was so sweet (they have the best relationship!) but it also kinda broke my heart. Ha! Now when he sees us he will literally run past daddy to give mommy big hugs! "Mommy hold you." I LOOOOVE IT!!!!! LOL :) 

Ryder is still very into tools and balls. He is always carrying around a little collection of random toys. He doesn't like being dirty and says "clean up!" if he makes a mess or spills something. He screams, "GET WIPE!!!" if he gets food on his hands. He doesn't like long sleeves and will usually push them all the way up if he's wearing long sleeves. He hates wearing hoodies, sweaters, jackets. He has accepted that he has to wear them outside in the cold, otherwise he wants it OFF. He recently got interested in dinosaurs and remembers the names of them! He knows a few books from memory and will read them to himself VERBATIM and it's sooooo cute. And impressive! LOL He loves his brother and is always begging TJ to "carry you". Ryder loves playing peek-a-boo with TJ and laughs soooo hard. It's the cutest thing ever. He still loves being sung to at night before bed and begs "one more" at the end of each song (no matter how many I sing). He loves bath time and thinks he's "swimming" when he lays on his tummy in bath. He is very good at playing by himself and will "fix" our walls, the doors, etc with his tools and he's LOVING playing with his new tool bench from Christmas. 

Ok, wow. Random rant about Ryder. Ha! I just love him so much. He's the most fun little boy who is so sweet. Being a mommy is the best thing I've ever done and I'll never find the words to describe how I feel for them. Blakely's first Valentines day was a success!

"I put my arm around Bwakeay, mommy!" UGHHHH SO CUTE!

Goofy girl! She's getting closer to sitting up!

In his mind he was smiling "really big" here. Ha! Goof ball.

"ABC's on there!"

Baby toes make me ohhhh so happy!

That grin. I can't handle it! :)

Hope you all had a great day with your Valentine!

Friday, February 12, 2016

Happy Wife - Happy Life

Just have to brag on my helpful hubby. He is such a huge help and we are always spoiled by him. This phase of parenting is exhausting and so hard. He is always more than willing to wake up early with the babies so I can get some extra sleep. He'll call on his way home from work and asks how he can help me/run any errands for me before he heads home. Offers to pick up or order dinner if I haven't been able to make it for that night (sometimes there just isn't enough time in the day!). He comes home from work, exhausted, but ready to help with diapers, dinner, play with the kids, bath time... I could go on, but I'll stop (I assume you're already throwing up in your mouth - ha). 

One of the most helpful things is that he gives me so much flexibility when it comes to working out. If I want to get in a quick home workout, go on a walk, or head to a workout class... he watches the kids. He never hesitates to give me time away (whether it's a work out, dinner with girl friends, a nap, whatev). 

Sometimes I struggle leaving the babies so I can have time to myself or to go workout. It's this very strange pull. Half of me desperately wants time alone and time to work out. The other half of me is in so much pain at just the thought of being away from my babies for two hours. I'm trying hard to manage my time better. I'm still adjusting to my new norm... Six months later!! The more time I spend scheduling my week in advance, the more I can accomplish/the less stressed and overwhelmed I feel. If I schedule and plan my workouts for the week I am WAY more likely to get it in - and I feel less guilt about leaving. I schedule 2-4 workouts a week and usually get only two in. And that's ok. It's a work in progress (my scheduling and my fitness LOL). 

I'm still loving barre workouts and the fact that it's so close to home. The MUSIC is so motivating and I truly feel so much better after I hit the barre. If you haven't tried a barre class yet, DO IT! It burns so good. I look forward to the classes every time I schedule it into my week. And... I'm sad when I miss! Not sure I've ever felt that way about any other work out. Ha!  

On an unrelated note... Here is Blake in some leg warmers. O. M. G. With hearts on them. I can't even handle the cuteness!!! I still can't believe she is already six months old. She's is such a happy little baby who loves to "chat". I call her "Squeaks" because she's always chatting and squeaking. LOL Ryder was the same way and I called him "Squeaks" when he was a bitty baby, too! :) 

That smirk!!!!

She looks so much like my hubby but every now and then makes facial expressions that look so similar to my baby pictures. This is one of them. Looks just like a Baby Buttars here.

Her hand on the chair. Seriously?! :)

COME. ON!!!!!

She is always sucking on that bottom lip. It melts me. Ryder did the same thing (maybe it's from teething?!) and I love it. Cutest! And those eyes... :)

Check out Barre Forte and have FUN!
You can read my last Barre Forte post HERE.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Blakely Gray 1/2 Birthday

Our little Blakers is 6 months old so of COURSE I had to buy her this hat! :)))))) I mean, come on. Seriously?! She's just the cutest thing there EVERRR WAAASSSSSS!!!! She is such a smiley little baby (even though she's majorly teething) and is so happy. She loves rolling around alllll over the place. She loves tummy time and pushing her arms straight up under her so she can see "way high"! She can't sit up on her own yet, but she does a pretty good job balancing if there is a pillow or blanket helping her stay up. She's getting very grabby and reaches for everything in sight! She loves to play with my protein bar wrappers and listening to them crinkle. And of course she puts everything in her mouth! Teething is so sad and breaks my heart to hear her cry in pain. But she's a trooper and just needs some extra snuggles and love. She's very chill and happy but at the same time definitely lets you know if you've pissed her off. HA! If you take something away that she wants, she gets really loud/mad really fast. And for some reason even that is adorable. Very different than Ryder as a baby. She seems to be sensitive and emotional. So girly already. We love her!!! Daddy just melts over her and loves on her every chance he gets. Ok... Back to this hat. Which makes me grin from ear to ear. Seriously, you can see all of my teeth. My smile is almost as annoying as Katie Holmes'. ...Almost. Picture overload in 3... 2... 1...

I realize these pictures are all very similar. But I couldn't choose. She's too cute in every single one!

Those cheeks... Seriously?! YUMMY


Thursday, February 4, 2016

Denver Street Boutique GIVEAWAY!!!

Giveaway time!!! As I'm sure you've noticed by now, I am in love with Denver Street Boutique's style, vibe, price point, everything. I was so excited once it became available to shop their items online, too! BONUS! I have teamed up with DSB to give a lucky winner a $50.00 giftcard Yahoo! Please check out my instagram account (whatsup_buttarcup) to see how to enter the giveaway. (Note: You can not enter giveaway on any other social media accounts.) 

The truck is SO cute and it's so fun to get out and shop local items at different fairs, events, etc. But if you're anything like me, it can be difficult to get to those markets and easier to shop online at night while my babies are sleeping. OHHHHH the danger of online shopping. HA! :-) Go check the shop out here

Here a few of my favorite things from Denver Street Boutique...

This comfy green long sleeve T and amazing vest!
Blog post of outfit: here

This fun dress and fur vest. Amaze!
Blog post of outfit: here

This shirt with the zipper detail. I'm all about the little added details!
Blog post of outfit: here

This red and black scarf. I live in this thing!

Loving this leopard clutch and fringe sweater from DSB.
Blog post of outfit: here

This sweater is so fun and so comfortable.
Blog post of outfit: here

These joggers! UGH love. And so comfortable, you guys!!
Blog post of outfit: here

Sequin dress. So cute. :)
Blog post of outfit: here

This turquoise necklace is one of my faves. Such an easy way to dress up an outfit.
Blog post of outfit: here

This gold clutch and cowl neck sweater. Love, love, love!
Blog post of outfit: here

Check out their online shop: Denver Street Boutique
GOOD LUCK! And happy online shopping :-)

Monday, February 1, 2016

Blakely Gray - 6 Months

I CAN NOT BELIEVE MY BABY IS SIX MONTHS OLD!!! (Insert sobbing emoji here.) But seriously, it goes SO fast. Even faster than Ryder, which is crazy. She is getting to be such a big girl. Rolling over like crazy, laughing, smiling, growing. Her little hands look so big to me. She is long, like her bro and as chunky as ever. And I LOVE IT!

She is a happy baby and loves watching her brother play. He's very entertaining! Sometimes when he's throwing massive tantrums and screaming his guts out, she laughs at him. Which is SOOO funny to me. She's a great sleeper and sleeps through the night like a champ. She has 3 naps a day and loves her cozy crib. She puts herself to sleep easily and is so happy when she wakes up. She's starting to get good hand-eye coordination and can put her binki in her mouth all by herself. She's very interested in Lincoln's tennis balls and I swear will be crawling soon just so she can get to those dang tennis balls! LOL

She has the most adorbale, gummy smile and her soft baby skin melts me. I just submerge my face into her neck and inhale her delishousness. I love baby wearing her and often tell Tim how much I "miss her" even when I'm holding her and/or wearing her! But it's very different the second time around. When Ryder was a baby we were allllllways together. And I had very few distractions. I could (and would) sit and stare/play with him all. Day. Long. I loved it. We'd watch movies together, snuggle, take naps together on the couch, repeat. It was magical. And I loved every second of it. Second time around looks very different. I am much more distracted and have way more things to do as our family grows. Which is why I am constantly missing my Blakers. So when I do get moments alone with her, I soak them up to the max!!!!

She's a great little "traveler" and is very easy to take anywhere. She's always loved tummy time and I can barely get her to stay on her back (for pictures) these days. She's realllllly starting to bond with Tim and smiles a huge smile whenever he gets home. She will sit in her chair and follow/"track" him wherever he goes. She doesn't like when he kisses her face though. Those dang whiskers hurt! LOL

She's getting very grabby and loves to grab anything and everything you've got in your hands! She also loves to pull on my hair - ouch! She is very chatty and loves to coo and makes noises when we're all hanging out. Like she want to be part of the conversation. Adorable. She loves getting home after we've been out and getting naked. LOL Ryder was never like this. I swear he was never naked unless he was in the bath.

She has the cutest little giggle and when she looks into my eyes and smiles with her entire body... Ugh. I can't handle it!! Ryder gives her a kiss on her forehead every night before she goes to sleep and I swear it's the cutest thing. Ever. She also loves Lincoln. Is always trying to "pet" him (aka pull his hair) and laughs at him when he plays with his toys, sits by her, etc.

Her hair continues to get lighter in color and the bald spot (on the back of her head from rubbing her sheets - I guess this bald spot is common? I wouldn't know because Ryder was BALLLLLLD! LOL) is no longer bald. I really look forward to the days of putting her hair in tiny little pig tails and clips.

Ok, don't judge my "6" LOL! It's really hard to make numbers out of flowers! Plus, a baby who is very interested in them and keeps rolling over and messing them up! Ha.

Big bro taking care of his sissy. It's so sweet when he's worried about her. Ryder always needs to say "goodbye" to us when we leave or he melts down. He's never really worried about saying "bye" to Blake but this past weekend at church he suddenly realized she was gone (Tim had said goodbye but didn't have him say goodbye to Blakes) and was so worried! "Oh no!!! Where Blakes go? Where Blakes? Oh no!" It was the sweetest!

She was happy as a clam when I finally let her roll over and make a big mess of the roses. Ha! Silly little girl. And look at that smile!

 Seriously?! The cutest!

We love you little girl. SO much.
(Insert ugly cry.)