Friday, March 31, 2017

Surprises for my Kiddies

Spent a beautiful morning out with my babes and surprised Ryder with Pop Rocks! Remember that stuff? It's GMO free, right?! Totally. 

Anywho, I love surprising Ryder with little "presents" for no reason. It can be something so small, but he loves getting little surprises and seeing his face light up makes my world go round! I randomly saw Pop Rocks one afternoon while checking out at Old Navy (thanks, Old Navy, for conveniently placing 173 things I don't need but buy because it's staring me in the face while I'm waiting to check out). 

I didn't know how Ryder was going to feel about the Pop Rocks, because it's hard to explain what it's going to feel like to a toddler and I thought he was either going to love it or want it to stop right now! lol Luckily, he was totally into it. He's such a sweet tooth. Man after my own heart. 

His faces and reactions caught in the pics below are priceless! :) What little things or treats do you guys do to surprise your kids? I haven't been good about making sure to get one-on-one time in recently, and that needs to change asap! We've been so busy over here with daddy traveling for work and the renovation that has taken over our lives, we've just been trying to keep our head above water over here. So the one-on-one quality time has gone out the window. Oops! Maybe I'll try to get in a little quality time with each kid this weekend! Sometimes just 15 minutes alone with mom or dad is enough to make the kid feel special. 

You can see my full outfit post HERE.
Ryder's tee // pants // shoes
Blakely's leggings // moccs // shirt // sweater

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

A Few Wardrobe Staples

Hey guys! How fun are these piggie buns?! My hubby isn't sure about them. HAHA. Men. Psshhht. This casual top is perfect for everyday and I love that it's flowy and light weight. These pictures were taken the other night we were all at the park together. You can see that blog post here. 

Leggings are a must for all wardrobes! These ones are by far my favorite. Love the price and the quality. They last forever and are thick enough to cover all the stuff you don't want people seeing. ;) Another wardrobe staple... Converse. I love these kicks! I have them in mint and white and wear them both all the time! These sunglasses are so much fun and only $12!

This wrap bracelet has been a favorite of mine and has been worn over and over again. It is still in great condition and I think I've had it for three years?! I also love the gold version of this exact bracelet. My monogram necklace is another piece I love to wear. It looks like marble, but it's plastic and super light weight. I get so many compliments on this piece! It really has been a favorite and this pop adds interest to any outfit. 

Monogram Necklace HERE

Monday, March 27, 2017

Sheer Top + Colorful Clutch

I've been loving girly details on my tops lately. Ruffles, fringe, bell sleeves, sheer... You name it, I'm feelin' it! This sheer top from Express has the pretties little details in the sleeves. (My exact top is older, this one is very similar!) 

These sunglasses are so much fun. I get compliments on them all the time (except for my husband - lol. Why don't guys get it?) Anywho, This clutch has been a favorite of mine! It's a few years old, but I will link other clutches that are perfect for spring and summer below that are currently on my wish list. 

These nude black heel sandals were a steal at Target. I love them and can't wear them enough! They are also surprisingly comfortable and so affordable. If you haven't noticed, I love my newest bar necklace. It's made so well and I love the basic print on it. I wear it everyday! My turquoise bracelet was a gift from my mom. It was part of a set she was given from her grandparents when she graduated from high school. I absolutely love this bracelet and it feels so special when I wear it. This bracelet is similar! Also love this one so much. 

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Painting with the Kiddies

A few weekends ago I surprised the kiddies with new easels. They were so excited and we had so much fun painting together! I found these adorable Melissa and Doug easels on Amazon. Aren't they the cutest?? They are perfect for the floor or you can put them up on a table and they can sit in a chair to do their artwork. 

I put thick wrapping paper under them to keep most of the paint off of the floors. But trust me, there was still paint on the wood floors! And it came up just fine with baby wipes (I'm sure soap and water would have worked, too). 

I haven't done a lot of paint projects with the kids just because the mess scares me! Ryder's finally getting to a point where he doesn't make that big of a mess, but Blakely does! She was covered in paint and loved every second of it! :)

These adorable easels come with the magnetic alphabet, chalk (it's a double sided easel and the other side is a chalk board!), and paper to paint. I bought the matching paint kit here

We had so much fun making a big mess and painting together! By the end, Ryder was upset that he couldn't get his hands clean and started crying. So we ended the paint session with suckers. I tried to clean up the mess while they ate their suckers and then they went straight into the bath! I was having a hard time getting the paint off their hands (they both painted their hands entirely!) so I put some coconut oil on them and POOF, clean hands. My hubby and I always joke that the answer to everything is coconut oil. And it's kind of true! 

My friend Lisa took these pictures (from Lisa Pummel Photography). She is so talented and wonderful with the kids. They love her and we truly just interact like normal when she's around. It's so comfortable and natural when she's around. If you're looking for any new family shots, contact her! You won't be disappointed. ;)

We had just gotten our office painted (the empty room we're painting in) so it's still a little bit of an unfinished, empty construction zone around us. I can't wait to furnish this room in the future! And now for way too many pictures of my adorable kiddies getting their paint on...

I recently tried Lipsense for the first time and immediately fell in love! This stuff is truly magical. I absolutely LOVE that I can wear it all day long, kissing my kiddies and it doesn't move. If you're a mom and wearing any color/type of lipstick or gloss, you have to try it out! I would love to chat with you and help you pick a color that you'll love. Contact me about it! This stuff is legit. My most favorite makeup item these days!

I'm wearing a top from The Black Label. It's so cute and casual. Perfect for my everyday wardrobe. I've worn it over and over. My friend Olivia owns this little boutique and the pieces are so cute! You can shop her store here: The Black Label // The Black Label Facebook Page // Instagram: @shoptheblacklabel