Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Leopard + Pop of Green

Starting to wonder if it's ever going to snow? I hope we get some snow around Christmas time! Speaking of Christmas, we just set up our tree tonight. I was so excited because we got a new tree this year and I love it! :) I am keeping my Christmas decorations to a minimum this year because we already have so much going on. Our house is still filled with boxes and stuff all over the place. We don't feel settled yet, but we're making progress (slowly but surely).

This outfit is my jam. A simple sweater I can dress up or down and a big scarf to wrap up in when it gets chillier. I've mentioned these heels before and wear them allllll the time. A must-have basic. I hope you're all enjoying the holiday season! I personally feel like the holidays have just slipped through my fingers this year with all the sickness we've experienced recently (like two months straight!) and the moving shenanigans. Looking forward to getting a bit more settled so we can snuggle up on the couch with hot chocolate watching Elf! ;)

Photos by Lisa Pummel Photography

Friday, November 24, 2017

Graphic Tee + Cutest Mules

We are currently in Estes Park with my dad and his wife celebrating thanksgiving together in the cutest cabin. It has been a rough trip because we've all been hit with the stomach bug. I mean, all of us!! It's been a long, exhausting trip. On another note, while we're here, our wood floors are getting repaired at home from the damage the previous owner did to them. (WTF was wrong with that lady?! If you saw my insta stories, then you saw we had to call the cops to get her out of the house because she just wouldn't leave. ?!!?! I mean... ??? Crazy experience.) So while we are excited to get back home from the mountains, it makes me feel sick to my stomach to think we aren't going back to our old home. It's making me feel so homesick. It's going to be a long time until we're settled. And feeling sick and tired, all anyone wants is to go home to their comfy house and relax. Soo... that won't be what's happening. Ahhh. This whole experience has been insane. 

I'm feeling anxious to get things settled and comfortable at the new house. I am also in the middle of researching all things vitamins, probiotics, etc for the entire family so we can get well and stay healthy!! Sheesh. Been a rough month for us over here. Anywho, we've still managed to have a great time in the mountains and we're so grateful for Papa J and Mama D being able to join us and help us with sickness and support us through all the constant change and struggles we've recently had. They are the best and the kids have had a blast with them here in Estes!

Anywho, I love graphic tees and can't get enough. My tee is currently sold out, but I have three different sweaters like this one from Target. They are seriously my favorite! I love them so much. This sweater is older (from Target) and I got it in large so it would be super oversized. But I will link similar ones below. And these mules are so cute and comfy! I'm obsessed!! :)

Hope you all had a wonderful thanksgiving and if you have any probiotic or vitamin recs, please send them my way! xo

Monday, November 20, 2017

Suspenders, Beanie + Bows

Ok. I legit can't handle these kids and all their cuteness. This phase of life is so hard. Having two toddlers is a roller coaster. Some days are smooth with little to no tantrums and things run smoothly. But honestly, most days aren't. One or both are whining or screaming. Or they're fighting. Lots of "bummers" (aka time outs). I feel like a referee most days. But I wouldn't trade it for anything. Don't get me wrong, I reallllly appreciate date night and the little time I do get away from the kids and I don't have someone screaming or hanging on me. Demanding snacks, milk, Paw Patrol, etc. ;) But I am so grateful that I get to be home with my kids in their younger years. They are my little best friends. And in the moments when they are super sweet to each other and play together, my mom heart is bursting at the seams with a overwhelming love I can't explain!!

Toddlers in suspenders kill me. I may have these pictures of Ryder blown up as wall paper in our new home. LOL And the beanie. I love my kiddies in hats. GAH. The cutest. And Blake's pigtails and bows always make my heart melt into a puddle. (You can shop my look here.)

Blakely's bows // Blakely's shoes
Ryder's blanket is from North Eighty // Similar blanket here
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