Thursday, September 21, 2017

Knit Pullover + Peep Toe Booties

I've been so excited to wear my fall clothes, but it's still too hot! This knit pullover is perfect because it's light and loose. It's so comfortable and something you can easily throw a jacket over when it does cool down. I also just can't wear socks yet. I love when my feet are freeeeeee. LOL Seriously though. I can't wear tennis shoes (or real shoes) for very long before my feet are freed. I am happiest in flip flops! So these peep toe booties are where it's at! Look perfect for fall but still have the open toe. They are a current favorite of mine! They are so cute and a very comfortable heel height. They also come in tan and I love them.

I've had this black denim for a couple years now and it's my favorite. I love the distressed look and they are so stretchy and forgiving. I've also had this leopard clutch for a while now and still love it so much. This piece is a must-have in my opinion! My choker is a few years old and no longer available. But it was from Express and this one is very similar. A nice, light layered piece to add interest. 

Jenna Sparks Photography

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Little Black Dress + Monogram Necklace

I'm finally warming to the idea of fall. I haven't embraced it yet because it's still so hot! But I love the idea of fall candles, hot coffee, cozy blankets by the fire and boots! Yay. But for now, we are still transitioning into cooler weather and it's hard to bust out the full-blown fall wardrobe!

I love timeless pieces like this dress. I know I'll wear this over and over. My exact dress is from the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale and is currently sold out. Dang it! But loving this and this. Both similar! This dress is so soft, feminine, flattering and comfortable. It also isn't a loud pattern (nothing too memorable) which I love because I always find that I get more use out of those pieces. I'm a big repeat offender! :) No shame in my game. You can wear a dress like this to so many different types of events and occasions. My extra large monogram necklace here. This thing has gotten a lot of use over the past 2-3 years!

I have fallen more and more in love with my Apple Watch. So I decided to get a couple different bands for it to mix it up. I'm loving this one for when I'm more dressed up and don't want to wear a rubber band. My Rebecca Minkoff bag and nude heels are a couple years old, but linking similar looks below. I also just got these. I needed a new pair of classic nude heels and I can't wait to wear them! 

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Striped Top + Colorful Clutch

This phase of life is kicking my ass. We have so many transitions happening at once (Ryder being at school is still new to us!) and it's draining me. Our house is still on the market and we are exhausted from it. Today I spent an hour cleaning the kids playroom just for them to wake up and destroy it in 3.2 seconds! Whhhhyyyyy. Seriously, why do I bother?

By naptime, I was beat. Ryder is testing my patience left and right and my head is spinning in a million directions with everything going on right now. So I decided I would let myself veg out for an hour or so and watch YouTube videos on my phone. But then my connection wasn't working and I legit almost started crying because I couldn't watch my "I Mom So Hard" videos! Ha. (They're hilarious!) Sometimes it just feels good to know other moms really are experiencing all the same things and we're not alone. Even though we can feel so alone in the middle of all the crazy. 

Anywho, I bought this bag a couple months ago but it was on back order. When it finally came in the mail I was like yeeeeeessssss!!!!! I love it. A deep love, guys. I also found this top while shopping at Apricot Lane at Southglenn mall a few weeks back. It's a great basic piece to have. This denim (and brand in general) is my favorite. So soft and yummy. These heels (from Target!) were a great purchase. I wear them over and over. 

Everything is linked below! Wishing you all a wonderful week. I think it's best I get some good sleep tonight to recover from this wild day! Mommin' aint easy. 

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Striped Color Block Cardigan

This color block cardigan is going to be worn over and over again this fall and winter! I love pieces like this that are cozy and I can throw on over everything. I'm wearing this swing camisole under it here. This cardigan is oversized, so you could layer anything underneath it. I dress it up a bit by wearing it with my fav studded heels. (Knock off of Valentinos!) But you could dress it down for a more casual look with these booties. I love these beauties! 

This is a fun and similar tote here. Dark denim I love here and here! I'm just now sitting in bed catching up on Bachelor in Paradise. I get so sad when shows end! Buuuuut... This Is Us will be back soon and this girl is suuuuper excited! What are you fav shows to watch? And/or binge?? I love starting new series and getting excited about them. :) It's so nice to sit down after a long day and watch something you love in pjs cuddled up on the couch. Does that make me sound old? Ha. Yes. 

Friday, September 1, 2017

Beau Hudson + Twinning!

If you guys haven't heard of Beau Hudson yet, you're missing out! I started shopping this line when Ryder was little and I have loved everything we've ever gotten from there. The first thing I ever got was a scarf and beanie for Ryder when he was a little babe and people literally died over it. :) It's seriously the cutest!!

Ryder is wearing these shorts. They are so soft and comfy! He's also wearing their striped shirt and hat! You guys know Ryd loves hats. Haha. I've been into matching Blakely lately. I don't know why we haven't matched much in the past? What have I been waiting for?! I got us these matching kicks - so much fun! (Shop mine here, Blakely's here). Blakely's dress is from Beau Hudson and I die. The cutest. They have a matching dress in womens - hearts eyes!!! But dang it, they didn't have my size when I was ordering. My sweatshirt is the same pattern and I know I'll be getting a lot of use out of this when the weather cools down! 

Everything else is linked below. I have also fallen more and more in love with my Apple Watch! I just got a ton of new colored bands so I can switch it up. I rarely wear any of my other watches. I highly recommend getting one! 

Sometimes I just tickle torture him for no reason. ;)
Alllways running away from me as fast as possible! Eye roll.