Tuesday, August 20, 2019

What's Up?

It's been a minute since posting anything to my blog. It definitely took a backseat when I started school back in October and ya know what, I've missed it! I miss writing and having my little outlet and connecting with people. But I am SO excited to be working and doing what I love!

You may remember I went back to school last October to get my Esthetician and Lash Extension licenses. Now I am working in DTC as the lash specialist at a beautiful med spa and I love it! But I can't say it's been completely smooth. I have had a hard time leaving the kids. I thought I would eventually get used to it, and definitely thought I would feel better about leaving them once I was out of school and working. But, NOPE. Us mamas have it rough. SO tough to find a balance that works for us, our kids and our entire family dynamic. So I'm still figuring all of that out and trying to organize my schedule so I can be with the kids as much as possible.

On top of completing school, going through state boards and adjusting to my new job, we decided to finish the basement! It was a slightly spontaneous decision. We always knew we'd finish it eventually but decided to go for it! We use that space every single day and thought it would be fun to finish it and enjoy it.

July is always insanely busy for us but this July was just CRAZY insane. We went from celebrating the 4th of July to jumping on a plane with all three kids to IL for a family reunion on Tims side. Looots of driving and traveling! Then back home to celebrate Ryder's birthday. I always try to make their actual birthday special, so we decided to spend the day at Lava Island with some friends and go out for lunch together. I think he had a blast! Then Tim and I went BACK to IL for a family wedding. Then back home to continue with basement shenanigans and a big birthday party for the kids (we did a joint party for Ryder and Blakely) and then about a week later was Blakes actual birthday... PHEW. It was a lot, haha. Blake decided she wanted to go to the zoo to feed the giraffes on her birthday. So the night before her birthday I drove to the Springs with the kids and we had a little pizza party and sleepover at my dads house. The zoo was so much fun! Blakely was too scared to feed the giraffes haha but she did pet one! My big girl! :)

GAHH, I'm tired just from writing that all out. LOL So July was insane. And then if you follow me on Instagram you might have seen on my stories that I recently discovered I have IBS and so that has completely changed my life (hopefully for the better eventually because I can better take care of my body and not be in pain anymore, fingers crossed.) It's all been very overwhelming and I'm exhausted!

But we are so excited for the basement to be completed (this week!) and look forward to getting all the kids used to their new school schedules. That's another thing I have been struggling with. Ryder being at school all day is just such a huge change for us. I can't believe how hard it has been on me! I just miss him so, so much. And Blake starts Pre K next week and although I know she's ready for it and excited about it, I am so sad to send my bitty baby off to school. (Insert sobbing face.) My mama heart is strugglin, guys! LOL

Anyway, that's what we've been up to lately! We are trying to plan a couple trips with the kids (so strange to have to plan trips around specific school schedules now!) so Tim and I are really looking forward to some special time with the kids and traveling. I'm hoping the rest of 2019 is a tad slower and a little bit more of a chill experience. Ha. I feel like I've been running around like a chicken with its head cut off for months and months!! 2019 has been a full-blown whirlwind of emotions and new experiences. Just gotta keep on truckin'. And I truly thank God for all he has blessed our family with. So much to be thankful for.

Much love to you all. So glad to have you here! :)

Friday, March 29, 2019

Spring Break in Steamboat

The kids had been counting down the days for this ski trip! Ryder and Blake had been "packing" and getting their toys and things ready for this trip for weeks. HAHA. They're so cute. Ryder spent a lot of time drawing and coloring a map for us so we would know how to get to the mountains and ski. (Insert the biggest heart eyes on planet Earth.)

So I decided I was going to brave the mountains by myself with R&B (Tooth had to stay home). And then I basically forced my best gal pal to join in on the fun! LOL She was legit forced. Haha. Love you, Heather.

But seriously, Heather and her two oldest kiddies (same ages and Ryder and Blake) were so, so kind to join us! We had so much fun and I think it made the trip that much more exciting for the kids! Our kids are besties and this was some much needed fresh air and time together. Thank you Jesus for this amazing friend you've brought into my life. And thank you for our children growing up together (we live two houses away from each other). What a blessing.

The first second we got there, the kids were begging to get into the pool. Haha. So to the pool we went!
I don't know about you guys, but I'm NOT a big fan of swimming when it's winter. Eww. So cold and unnecessary lol. I'm also not a big fan of hot tubs. Just eww. And WHY is it sooooo fun for people to walk through snow to jump into a blazing hot mini pool?? I don't get it.

We spent the night hanging at the hotel and ordering in pizza. The best memories!

The next morning we took the kids to ski school! It was the first time skiing for Ryder and Blake and they were soooo excited! I had shown them a YouTube video of a two-year-old skiing. This kid was like a PRO. Haha. My kids kept saying "why isn't he falling? He's going so fast! Wow, he's good!" Bahahaha. So funny. Anywho, they were super excited about the idea of skiing and looking forward to the entire experience.

Here are the kids waiting patiently outside the ski school. #cuties
I can not handle this freaking kid. OBSESSED.

Heather and I went skiing while the kids were in school. Neither of us had been skiing in at least six years! We've been busy having babies and taking care of tiny little kids. It was so fun to hit the slopes. We were so lucky with the most beautiful weather. Heather was so patient with me - hahhahaha - because I ski slower than any other human alive. HA! But in my mind I'm going soooooo fast! ;)
Thank you again to my sweet friend for dropping everything to join me on this trip. Love you, HBraasch.

After a few runs and a few beers, we went to pick up the kids from ski school.
My kids were so excited to see me and tell me ALL about their adventures that day. My heart was so full!!! I can't tell you how happy my mommy heart was on this trip. I am just so grateful for this life and these people. (Insert sobbing happy mommy face.)
Look at these adorable and happy faces!! :)

We treated the kids to some yummy treats after their long day and sheesh, I just love these kids.

The next day, we decided to take the kids tubing!
Here we are waiting for our shuttle to pick us up. Super excited! The first time for many of us to go tubing. And when I asked the kids to smile, Blake posed like this and said "NAILED IT" BAHAHABAHAHAHA I love my mini best friend! :)


Eating snow. We had the prettiest morning with light flurries. A mountain dream!

After waiting patiently for our shuttle and then getting on a long, bumpy bus ride to get to the tubing hill, we made it! It was honestly so much fun. The kids all said they liked this better than skiing. Haha. So much fun for all ages!
It was loads of fun and the best weather! So grateful for this crew.

We made some amazing and wonderful memories with some of our favorite people. My heart is full. I hope to have many more winter memories like this with friends and family.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Valentine's Day 2019

I've always been a fan of Valentine's Day! So nice to have a fun little holiday to look forward to after the Christmas hangover + cold January days. I love the bright, happy colors and of course the candy! The kids love when they wake up to new decorations on their table. Which is maybe the cutest thing ever, seeing their reactions and excitement. :)

I have a vivid memory of a special Valentine's Day when I was little. I'm not sure how old I was, but my dad woke me up before he had to leave for work. This never happened (he had to leave very early in the morning, so I rarely saw him before I left for school) and I thought I was in trouble. Ha! But he took me downstairs to the kitchen where he had a gift set out for me. I remember being SO surprised and excited. He gave me a cute little pink bag to hold nail polish in. And of course, there were about eight colors of new nail polish for me, too! I felt so grown up and loved. One of my favorite gifts ever. I wish I still had that nail polish kit/bag!

I kept their table simple this year, but I may have a couple little surprises for them on Valentine's Day morning. ;) I never realized how much fun holidays would be with little kids. We did Ryder's Valentine cards for his class last night and it was the cutest thing ever watching him write all his classmates names down. HEART EXPLOSIONS!!

Photos by Lisa Pummel Photography

Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Prepping our Home for the Holidays with Bed Bath & Beyond

I got to sneak away for a couple hours today kid free and stopped by Bed Bath & Beyond to grab a few holiday things for the home and kitchen. I'm like a kid in a candy store in there, haha. I get so excited about random things and always find items I've been looking for or those "ah-ha" items. You know, the things you didn't know you needed... but you need! ;)

I always leave with some new kitchen gadgets. Check out my Insta stories to see some of the items I was loving! (@whatsup_buttarcup) And guys, I found the cutest sweater for Lincoln! Haha! It's so cute and perfect for cold days. We're running a 5k Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving day and I think I'm gonna bring him along in his new sweater. :) So cute.

Some of my favorite bedding and family room items are from Bed Bath & Beyond! I am obsessed with cozy blankets and had the hardest time deciding which one I wanted (because there were sooo many good ones) but decided to go with this knit Ugg blanket. I've been dreaming of a blanket like this for the family room! So excited to have this cozy thing to snuggle up with while watching holiday movies with the family.

I also found some great Christmas toys for the kids. And stocking stuffers, too! Ryder has been asking me lately if we can make a gingerbread house and they have the cutest selection. I'm so excited to surprise him with it this weekend!

Here are a few of the items I got to prep our home for the holidays!
Knit Throw -- this thing is HEAVEN, guys.
Pom Pom Throw // Ugg Doggy Sweater
Meat Shredding Claws // Marble Serving Board
Monogram Marble Board -- great gift idea!
Grinch Gingerbread House // ALL Gingerbread Kits
Kitchen Aid Mixers // Stepping Santa -- so fun
Santa Phone // Inflatable Santa // Flocked Christmas Tree
Buffet Server -- Tim and I got this for our wedding seven years
ago and we still use it all the time!
Tic Tac Toe Shot Glasses -- I got this for my brother YEARS ago
and it was a huge hit!

And don't forget to check back tomorrow for their awesome Black Friday Deals!!
I freaking love this Ugg blanket! I may never move ;)
*Sponsored post by Bed Beth & Beyond

Monday, November 19, 2018

Lincoln Ross gets Spoiled at Dollar General

I can't believe it's Thanksgiving week! This year has flown by and the holidays are quickly approaching! In our family, we always get individual gifts for each other. The kids get to go on individual dates with mom or dad and pick out a gift for each family member. The little ones have a hard time keeping their gifts a secret though! ;)

We always get Lincoln some fun little gifts and treats, too! This year I thought it would be fun for the kids to pick out some toys for our favorite furry friend together. They loved this! We went to Dollar General to pick a few things out for Link.

We stocked up on some treats and new toys, it was so much fun! Dollar General is a great place to shop for your pets (whether they're new to the family or shopping for ongoing pet needs). We had such a great time picking out things for Lincoln together. He is the best puppy dog EVERRRRR. I was genuinely worried I wouldn't love my kids as much as I loved him before the birth of Ryder. Haha!

Of course, the kids ended up finding the toy aisle and picking out a few things there, too. :) Safe to say it was a great family trip and we love spoiling our doggy with new toys. I loved seeing what the kids thought Lincoln would like (and of course, I loved the prices, too)!

Here are some of my favorite items!
Leash // Squeaky Dog Bone
"Bacon" Treats // Dental Chews

She had so much fun picking things out for Lincoln. She has always realllly loved Lincoln. They have the cutest bond!
Toys!! And Ryder's "shark smile" haha. Not sure where he got this shark smile idea from? But it's been going on for a least a year now... Bahaha. Silly kid.

Love this doggy so much. He's not a big fan of the camera flash though. ;)

The love these kids have for their pup is adorable. Lincoln looks kinda freaked here (that dang camera flash gets him spooked every time - ha) but he loves them kids! He is very protective and is always near us.
This black bowl (in pic above) is made of waterproof fabric and perfect for an on-the-go bowl for pets! I can fold this up and put it in my diaper bag or stroller when we take Lincoln out for walks. We also got this cute dog bone dog waste carrier (aka poop bag) from Dollar General. It can easily hook on his leash so we never forget it!

*This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Dollar General. 
All opinions are 100% mine. I received product compensation for this blog.