Friday, October 30, 2015

Blakely Gray - 3 Months Old

Blakely is three months today and so much fun! I have been having such a blast dressing up my bitty baby doll. She's a lot more interactive now and is so smiley! I LOVE it! Melts my heart every time I walk into the room to see her smiling face. She's starting to get harder to take places because she needs her naps in peace and quiet. Ryder was the same way and I tried very hard to pay attention to his schedule and need for rest. We were almost always home for his naps (trying to avoid naps in the stroller and car). He was a very good napper and such a great baby! I swear it was just because he was so well rested. We just started putting Blake in her crib for naps this week. Makes her seem like such a big girl! She is still sleeping in a bassinet in my room throughout the nights because she still eats 1-2 times in the middle of the night. And I'm simply tooooo lazy to get up out of bed that many times to go feed her in her room. LOL I also love snuggling with her after she eats while we lay in bed. This is something I never did with Ryder. I never figured out how to nurse while laying down with him and so we had very few moments of snuggling/napping together in my bed. So I'm LOVING snuggling my cutie this time. Sometimes it feels like this is the only time I get to be alone with her and just stare at her. The rest of the day feels like complete chaos. Ryder is still adjusting and very demanding these days. Ha! "Pretzels! Mommy, MILK! Watch Minions!!! Mommy!! Hold you! Fruit snacks!!!!!!!!!!" LOL - but it's not funny.

Blakely loves to snuggle. I almost always have a soft blanket or stuffed animal by her. She loves it. Sucks on it, grips it, cuddles it. Sometimes when she's having a hard time falling asleep I will rub the soft blankey on her little cheeks and it puts her right to sleep. She loves it! And I think it's adorable. I was always SO afraid to give Ryder blankets and to this day he hates blankets. Dang it! He wants nothing to do with a blanket covering him. Opposite me!

Blakers eyes are constantly changing. Sometimes looking gray-green and other times looking dark blue and even dark brown. Her hair... I love that hair! Is so cute and I just rub my cheek across it every day because it feels so soft and ohhhhh my gosh. I just love it. She has the sweetest little hands and toes. I love them and chew on them. LOL Those bitty fingers. Melt me! She's starting to really watch Ryder and smile at him. Even though he's paying NO attention to her. Ha! If one starts to cry really hard, the other one also cries. Which is a disaster and so overwhelming! OMG

We just love her so much and she's such a great baby. She has her moments where she's upset, tired, etc. But for the most part, she is so easy and lovey. We adore her! Sometimes when she's really upset, the only thing that will soothe her is watching TV! Ha! Don't judge. She has to be held in a specific position to look over my shoulder and watch TV. It's so funny! She loves it. And then will usually fall asleep within 10 minutes of screen time.

We love her SOOOO much and can't believe she's already three months old. Tim and I will spend the rest of our lives making sure she knows how loved she is. Being her parents is the best gift we could receive. (Her and our boys!) Happy 3 months, Blake! Stay little.


Thursday, October 22, 2015

Halloween Party at the Park

Every now and then I try to set up a big play date at a park with lots of mommy friends. This time we had all the kiddos come in costume, had cookies and made a craft. It was a great turn out with nine friends and 14 kids! Ryder is in love with this park and specifically loves the one black swing they have. He doesn't want to swing in the blue swings. NO! What are you, crazy!? Only the black swing will do. 

Blake was such a trooper and didn't complain at all about me putting her in this adorable flamingo costume! So freaking cute, you guys. I can't take it!! Ryder is obsessed with Despicable Me, calling it "minions". So... he's a minion. I thought he would love this and think it was cool. But, no. "Surely I can at least get the body suit on him," I thought. Nope. I was wrong. That was a battle and the hat/head piece?! Forget it. 

There is something so wonderful about having mom friends who are living with the same joy and struggles I am facing. I can meet any of these moms on a regular basis in my pjs (seriously, sometimes I don't even go the extra mile and put on leggings. Because really, what's the difference?! And who am I kidding? I have no plans to do yoga.) with my hair a dirty mess and oops... Yup. Definitely forgot to brush my teeth again. Dang it. Oh well. Hmm... Maybe there is a reason my friends are always offering me gum??! HA! JK. But maybe they should? ;) We all just show up to the play date whenever we can manage to get there. Sometimes the kids are really well behaved and play together the whole time. Other times, they scream and whine and fight over toys. It was my turn I guess. Ryder was screaming (I mean, SCREAMING) almost the entire play date. Usually this doesn't phase me much. But OMG he wouldn't stop. My friend Julie and I were trying to put paint on plates for the kids to do their craft and the wind kept blowing... Paint everywhere. Plates everywhere. Craft FAIL. Blakely's hungry. Trying to feed her while she's in the carrier on my chest. Don't give me that nasty look! Yes I am nursing my baby in public. No I am not using a nursing cover. Yes, that's my boob. UGH It's 2015, people. Trying to clean the boogars and cookie off of Ryder's face while I paint his hand green and try to shove the paci back in Blake's mouth. (Apparently it's hard to nurse when your mom is moving and painting and picking up your two year old brother and the wind is blowing and your moms shirt keeps slipping up, preventing you from being able to reach the boob!) 

I think I exchanged a few sentences with some of my friends?! I can barely remember. I know I didn't get to see everyone and left right as a couple more friends were just showing up! But Ryder needed to go. Poor guy was struggling and I just needed to go home. Sit with him on the couch and love on him. Adjusting to a new baby sister is hard. It's still hard on me, too. I feel pulled in a million different directions. Sometimes I crave alone time. "Can I just shower in peace?!?!?!!" Other times I miss Ryder and desperately need quality alone time with him. Then before I know it, I miss Blake. Wanting to sit on the couch and just stare at her. Everyone leave me alone! I am going to sit here and stare at my perfect baby and watch tv in my pjs ALL. DAY. LONG. Oh, but wait... I miss Tooth. Wait, TJ. I want to hang out with TJ. Maybe I'll take him to see a scary movie? Yeah, That'd be fun. Wait, I'm tired. Oh no! The laundry. I haven't done any of the laundry! Crap. Did anyone feed the dog today? No. This week at least?! Oops. 

It's a hard adjustment. We are all still getting used to our new norm. Don't let Facebook or Instagram fool you. My life is not in perfect order. And it isn't easy being in a blended family with three kids. It's busy. And hard! And also, it's wonderful. 

I obvi didn't get pics of everyone who came to the party. I was a little distracted. But so glad everyone made it out! Somehow I managed to get the green handprints home and I finished the craft in the dark, by myself after the rest of my family had gone to bed. I told Tim about our day at the park and he said, "that sounds miserable!!! I would just stay home!" Haha. It does sound miserable. And sometimes, it is. But it's also great to get out and see friends. You know, other adults. Even though all we talk about is related to babies, nursing, toddler nutrition, baby clothes, etsy, baby furniture, bottles, maternity clothes, etc... It's the highlight of my day! I swear I wouldn't be able to make it through this phase of life without all of these women by my side. They just get it. I can text them at 3am asking which diaper bag I should get. "Black or brown?! Can't decide." HAHA These are literally our conversations. Or I can text them sobbing when I'm fighting with my husband over whether or not it makes sense to start the dishwasher when it isn't completely full. (Seriously, you fight about weird things when you're tired and stressed and hormonal and overwhelmed.) We text each other about everything. But don't call. I mean, come on. I won't be able to hear you over the incredible volume of my toddler. So we text. The entire day. We just answer when we can. No judgement. You can't respond for two days? No biggie. Totally been there. From bible verses to Ecards. Fights with the hubby to our newest purchase of bows. We text/talk about everything. And I am forever grateful to God for placing such wonderful women in my life. 

My 11 week old baby flamingo. Gets cuter every second!

Poor Blake. LOL

It's hard being a minion!

Britt and Ford - race car driver

Preston - fire fighter

"Hat off!"

Do you like how he's miserable? And I clearly don't care?! LOL Sorry buddy.

Mommy took my hat off AND gave me a cookie! :)

Sugar high! LOL :) :)

Emily and Lola - cupcake
This is one of Emily's five girls! Super mom!

And Ryder's throwing a fit again. UGH. My life!!! LOL

Preston and Ford just look confused. "Why's he screaming?!" ... "I don't know!" LOL

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Boyfriend Jeans + Plaid

Hi friends! Hope you're all having a wonderful Tuesday. I've gotten a few questions about this shirt and forgot about these pictures we took a few weeks ago. I love this shirt! Similar style to the red plaid shirt I wore a few posts back. Same drill. Love that these shirts make nursing easy. And I love that this shirt is longer in the back so I can wear it with leggings as well. These are still maternity pants here. They just slide down and are bugging me so much! But every time I wear my pre-pregnancy jeans I totally regret it. I'm still not comfortable in them. I've gotten one pair of pants that fit me now and can't find them?! What?? You know your house is a mess when you can't find the one pair of "in between" jeans you bought. Ugh! Managing life with two little ones is something we are still adjusting to. Sometimes I feel like the house is organized and on top of things. But most of the time, I feel just the opposite. I feel like I am running around like a chicken with my head cut off most days. My house is a constant mess and I'm just so grateful for my hubby being so helpful. He helps with the laundry, dishes, grocery shopping, bath time, bed time... everything. If it wasn't for him I'd be drowning even more than I already am! So shout out to my hubby! Who will never see this and probably doesn't even know the website to view my blog. LOL

I've loved these maternity boyfriend jeans and am looking for something similar in non-maternity! Ignore Ryder's art on the garage door behind me. LOL

This girl!!! I can't handle it. She's the sweetest little thing I've ever seen and I just want to chew on those yummy cheeks!

This kid. YOWSA, I love him! He's officially been off this binki for over a week now! It was a rough couple days without it. He still gets it at bedtime and he really looks forward to it. He's doing great now without it but sometimes when he's having a rough day it's SO HARD for me not to cave and give it to him. I miss it, too. And those loafers. LOVE.

Ok. Yawning babies is one of my favorite things! Heart melted!

Stud. Seriously. I could eat him.

Someone found the ONE area with mud. And guess who ran right through it? Ugh... boys.

This man is such a wonderful dad. He loves his babies so much and is SO helpful. He's such a great example to our kids of what a husband and father should be. Marriage is haaaarrrrrd sometimes. AmIRight?! But so worth it. I'm forever grateful for this family we've created. Even when I hate him, I still love him so much and think I definitely married up! #hunk (Yes, I just said that sometimes I hate him. LOL If you're married and you don't hate your spouse sometimes... You're lying! Or it's coming. HA!)

Ryder throwing a tantrum because we won't let him run into the street with oncoming traffic.

My outfit:
Top // Maternity Boyfriend Denim // Similar heel here and here
Tory Burch bracelet // Similar aviators

Ryder's outfit:
Shirt // Similar short // Similar loafers. Ryder's aren't leather. They are from Gap and I LOVE them!

Blakely's outfit:
Blake's outfit is mismatched items. They are all from Carters. 
Similar sweater // Similar leggings // Freshly Picked Moccs

Saturday, October 17, 2015

Printed Denim

Happy Saturday! Is it sweater weather in CO yet?? I can't wait for cooler temps! This date night outfit is so comfortable and easy! These floral printed jeans are really old from Forever 21, but I'll link similar ones. I always get compliments on these jeans. I think just because they're different and fun. And I love these booties! I love open heel and/or open toe booties. Cutest. This bag is a copy of a really expensive bag I wanted and I love it! I really dig cross body bags (or all sizes!). Have I mentioned I'm a bag hoarder? Oops! :) :) 

Crushing on these kicks! Similar here // Similar sweater here and here
Similar printed denim here and here - on sale!
Similar necklace here and here // This bag! LOVE
Similar satchel here and here

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Pumpkin Patchin

Last weekend we made it over to the pumpkin patch. I love weekend activities like this with the family! The pumpkin patch at Chatfield Botanic Gardens is so cute! I love seeing all the different food trucks and getting to experience all these little holiday adventures again as a Mommy. Ryder has a blast running around the pumpkin patch screaming "Mommy! Pumpkin!" a million times. LOL I do realize we have NO pumpkins in these pictures - ha! It was still so sunny and hot when we were there. Blake and I were only out checking out the pumpkins for a little bit and then went back in the shade. I'm always so worried about newborn skin burning! Plus, the poor girl could barely open her eyes in the bright sun. I also HATE carving pumpkins. I've only done it once (that I can remember) in college. It just really grosses me out! I think I may be the only person that thinks this?! I also hate all things flavored "pumpkin". Yes, even the pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks. My husband thinks this is so strange! The fact that people will sit and eat the seeds out of pumpkins... what?! Ew. LOL Anyone else hate pumpkin flavored treats? Anyone... Anyone?! Long story short: Only fake pumpkins that don't rot are allowed in my house. :)

There is this cute little river by the pumpkin patch and Ryder had a blast playing in the water with the rocks. I swear he could play there all day long! This area was perfect for us because it is shaded and cool so we could lay out a blanket for Blake and hang out for a while.  And this dress! It's so comfortable! And I love that I can also pair it with leggings when the weather gets cooler. PS Is it ever going to cool down?! The 80+ degree weather has got to go away already! Am I right? Also loving these booties and loving that the heel isn't too high. Being a mom and chasing after kiddos means lower heels (or no heel) are my friend! 

I LOVE Halloween and always look forward to this time of the year. The cooler temps, the changing leaves and dressing up in costumes is the best! I can't wait to dress up my little babies this year. :)

Those cheeks! I die.

This little girl is cooing and starting to have little baby chats with us. Smiling and talking. The CUTEST!

This little guy is happiest when he's playing outside. He is just a little adventure baby and loves exploring. Like most little boys, he loves getting dirty and collecting sticks and rocks. He's starting to use his imagination a lot, which is so cute! We run around playing "Paw Patrol" where he makes a phone call on his pup pad (best toy/gift ever!) and then we run around the house pretending to take on missions with the Paw Patrol. :) He just cracks up and thinks it's so funny. He also likes to make pretend phone calls all day long. He chooses a random person (Grandma, Graham, Daddy, Mark (Graham's Dad - ha!)) and calls them on his imaginary phone all day long. It's the cutest. "Hi Mark! What's up? Ok. Cool. See you later!" Melts my heart! 

Ryder in this picture... :) And Blake's chubby legs. I love! I seriously can't get enough of this cute mustard sweater of hers. And the bows. So much fun.

I'm loving this stroller! I was so sad to say goodbye to my first stroller because I loved it so much. But this stroller has been awesome! I have a strange obsession with stroller and sometimes just sit online and research them. LOL After a lot of searching, this was the double I wanted (I still want to get a double jogger) and I love it! Ryder loves facing "backwards" and never complains about riding in it. Knock on wood.

Shirtdress // Booties // Tory Burch bracelet // Alex and Ani bracelet
Similar to Blake's dress // Blake's shoes

Friday, October 9, 2015

Date Night with Blake

I love getting Blakely all dressed up. This adorable little dress with the mustard sweater. Seriously?! So cute. Once again, I am rockin a button up because it is so easy to nurse B while we're out and about. And I love headbands! Just a fun way to mix up the accessories. I don't know why but my hubby loves when I wear headbands like this! :) Blake was six weeks old in these pics. I can't believe she's already 10 weeks old!! WHAT?! Time is flying and I'm not ok with it. She used to be easy to tag along on dates. Spending most of the time sleeping. Now she's more alert and it's getting harder to take her and still really enjoy time alone with Tooth. So we try to leave her with the sitter and get quick dates in here and there. But bedtime is so stressful to me! I always feel bad leaving sitters with both babies at night right now because it's just busy and hard. One's crying. One is in the tub. One needs to be fed. Now the other one is crying. One needs to be rocked, one needs to be held. OMG! But a friend reminded me that it's not nearly as stressful for a sitter to listen to them cry when their needs aren't met RIGHT away. Which I guess is true. Listening to your own babies cry, is so heartbreaking for mommy! And spending a few hours with little ones is a lot easier than spending the entire day, every day with them. I really need to keep this friend around! LOL Always reminding me of these nice little truths. It's ok to leave the babies. It's ok not to be with them 100% of the time. #MomGuilt Dang it. Gets the best of me every time! But seriously... a few hours away is so nice. And necessary. Am I right?!

Similar dress and sweater from Carters. Loving this camo!
I get a lot of questions about Blake's bows. I order most of them off Etsy.
Freshly Picked moccs

Denim // Similar heel // Similar clutch
Similar headband // Top from Express - buy one get one 50% off!
Oversized MK watch