Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Partners in Crime

These two are funnier than ever lately. They look out for each other and run around the house playing and laughing. Their little conversations crack me up!! I know I always say that, but seriously! It's obvious they love each other and are partners in crime.

They're getting so big lately and it kinda breaks my heart. I love watching them grow and learn, but it also pains me that it's all happening so fast. I swear Blakely was just born. And now here she is walking, talking, singing, and cracking us up all the time!

I asked Ryder what he wanted to be when he grows up (they had "career day" of school today) and he said he wanted to help teeth, like daddy. But then I reminded him that he could do anything and he started to get so excited about the thought of being a "rocket ship guy"!!! Ha. And then his wheels started turning and he realized that he could even be a construction worker if he wanted to - and drive the dump truck and excavators! :)

It's never easy to get these kids dressed and out the door for pictures. But I'm so glad I've made it a priority because every time I get pictures back of my sweet babies, my heart melts. It brings me so much joy to capture them in photos in these younger years. When so much is changing, so often. I love looking back at pictures from just 6 months ago!

All outfit details are linked below. xo

When your sister tries to tickle you... and you're not into it. lol
Ok, listening to their little conversations is maybe my favorite thing in life!
"Gimme a hug" omg. Heart explosions!
They are truly partners in crime. I absolutely love watching them play together and use their imaginations. Just thinking about it might make me cryyyyy. I'm so happy they have each other.
Look at that face. Ha! Focusing hard on that foot pop!
It's much more fun when daddy lifts and throws them. They're getting too big for me!
Photos by Jenna Sparks Photography

My Jacket - great for spring! // Graphic Tee // Necklace
Studded Flats are old - similar here

Blakely's tee // Blakely's Booties
Ryder's Sweatshirt // Jeans

Monday, February 26, 2018

Ruffle Sweater + Fringe Clutch

It's been really cold here in Denver lately. I'm so grateful to live in a state where we get all the seasons, but I'm getting a little antsy for spring! The muddy streets from the snow, the dead trees, the dry grass... I'm ready for flowers, sunshine and soft green grass! Until then, I'm going to wear this adorable sweater and sit by my fireplace every night cuddled under my favorite blanket!

This fringe clutch is my current favorite. It's so much fun! I've been surprised how much it goes with and love adding this final touch to my outfits! This is my favorite denim I'm always linking. Worth the splurge!

My sweater is sold out! Dang it. Here it is in white. I will link similar ruffle sweaters below. (ps All the sweaters I linked below are soo cute - and on major sale!) I am really digging this ruffle look. So feminine and fun! Finishing touch here: my go-to classic pumps.

Photos by Jenna Sparks Photography

Ok, all these ruffle sweaters linked below are darling - and on sale!!

Thursday, February 22, 2018

Blakely the Ballerina

This girl wakes up every morning and the first thing she demands is a tutu or a "pretty dress". I kinda love it. ;) She changes 4 times a day and it always carrying around her dance bag (aka her "pink dance purse"). So cute! We got this frill strap leotard from Flo Dancewear and omg. Is it not the cutest thing you've ever seen???

She also has several pairs of tights that she loves. I try to keep her from wearing tights every day because I'm overly paranoid about her spilling on them or ripping them. Ha! The little things I stress about. She has this adorable wrap skirt and of course the ballet shoes. I can't believe she's already grown out of her first pair of ballet shoes!! (Insert ugly cry.)

Ok, the posing. I can't. Hahaha. She's a ball of sass! :)
Get it, girl ;)
Workin on her shuffle tap. #hearteyes
Photos by Jenna Sparks Photography

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Feelin' Good

This "feel good" sweatshirt is so fun - and currently on major sale! It has the cutest sleeve detail. This relaxed look is my jam. This is the type of thing I love having to throw on! My beanie is a few years old. Here is the exact one in a different color option. And I will link tons below. A good beanie is a must! I have so many. You can never have too many beanies!

Sorel boots are always a good idea. These are so comfortable and easy to match! I also have this wedge pair and always get compliments on these! I have had this distressed back denim for so long and it's still a favorite of mine. It's stretchy and forgiving and just goooood. I highly recommend it. You could also pair this sweatshirt with joggers for an even comfier look/feel. I will link some of my favorites below!

Did you see yesterdays blog? I linked a TON of my favorite pieces - dressy to casual - and highly recommend those items. They are what I love the most and have gotten the most use out of! You can see that blog HERE.

Photos by Jenna Sparks Photography
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