Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Blakely Gray - 2 months

This little cutie has stolen all of our hearts over here. Lincoln is very protective. He likes to be very near her and barks at any little noise! Annoying LOL but cute. He always sits right next to her when she's in her swing and it prevents the swing from swinging ha! Such a good guard dog ;) If she ever cries and I'm not right by her, he comes over to me all concerned like "are you gonna go get her, mom?!". Ryder is also concerned about her when she's upset. Always trying to rock her in her rocker chair and giving her the binki.

Somehow she keeps getting cuter and those cheeks keep getting chubbier. I just love it! She's starting to smile back at us and it just makes my heart so happy! She's still a great little eater and sleeper. Giving me at least 6 hours at night. Now if only I could also be sleeping during those hours!! She does great in her bassinet next to our bed and loves being hummed to. Her hair is getting longer and I can tuck it behind her little ears now which is SO cute! :) Her lashes are getting longer and her eyes are still changing. Sometimes they look gray and other times dark blue or green. She's already grown out of some of her 3 month old pj's, reminding me that she's growing too fast! She's pretty chill and loves to cuddle - which I am really enjoying. Whenever I put her in any type of carrier on my chest, she's so calm and cozy and falls right to sleep. I love it!

At night after Ryder goes to bed I just lay with her on the couch and stare at her. Watching her breathe and make cute little faces in her sleep. Just the sweetest! Sometimes I'm so overwhelmed with love for her I worry I'm gonna squeeze her too tight and hurt her! LOL At her 2 month appointment she weighted in at 11 pounds, 3 ounces and was almost 23 inches long! She loves her binki (just like Ryder did - does!) and brings our family so much joy!

We love you baby girl!!!

Monday, September 28, 2015

Freshly Picked Moccasins

Hey guys! Blakely and I are so excited to share with you a recent collaboration we did with Freshly Picked! These moccasins are just the cutest things I ever did see. Not only are they amazingly adorable (for girls and boys!) but they actually stay on newborn feet! The quality of these shoes is top notch. I can't wait to get Blakely more pairs in different colors and patterns.

I know I'm biased, because I'm her mother... But Blakely is just the cutest! I swear she stops people in their tracks! :) Once they've spent enough time gushing over her adorable chubby cheeks, they always mention how cute these moccasins are. If B isn't in pj's, she's wearing these soft, cute little moccasins with every outfit.

Look at B rockin her cute moccs...

If you're looking for a great gift to give a new Mommy, these are it! :) Go to Freshly Picked to see all the cute colors and patterns to choose from. Also, check out their sizing chart. This was so helpful for me! I always stress about what size to buy baby clothes and shoes and this sizing chart made it so simple. Happy shopping, my friends! :)

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Adventures in Tiny Town

A couple weekends ago we went up to Tiny Town and had so much fun! I went a few times when I was a kid but I don't remember it because I was so little. Both Ryder and TJ had a blast! The weather was beautiful and it was so cute watching Ryder run around exploring. I know I've said it before but TJ truly is the best big brother and is always watching after Ryder man and making sure he's ok. Watching the two of them play and laugh together just makes me all :) :) :) :) :) 

He will NOT look at the camera. I miss the days where we could make funny noises and use a squeaky toy to get his attention and make him smile. I am in love with his amazing blue eyes but I can never capture them because he refuses to look at the camera! Grr...

Oh my heart! Those cheeks! Those rolls! EVERYTHING <3
6 week old little baby girl.

I wasn't a big fan of my Moby wrap with Ryder. But I've been using it a ton with Blakely and have really enjoyed it. Huge bonus: I can nurse her while wearing it and still chase after Ryder!

Ryder loved the train ride and kept saying "cool!". :)

Still can't believe we're a family of FIVE!

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Hello, Fall

It's officially fall! So excited for cooler weather. I don't know why I never appreciated fall as a kid (maybe because I associated it with going back to school?) but I LOVE it now. The crisp air and the beautiful Colorado sunsets. Added bonus: boots, scarves, sweaters, hot coffee... to name a few. :) 

This shift dress is so comfy and so easy! I love having easy things to throw on for church and other scenarios where I need to be a little bit more dressed up. This requires almost zero thought, which I love. Cute dress? Check. Booties? Check. A few extra pops of jewels and done! There is just one thing missing from this look... a TAN! LOL My legs are ghost white. ("Insert ghost emoji here." I love emojis. Best invention ever! I can express so many emotions with emojis. Ha! Need to figure out a way to get emojis on my blog ;) ).  

Shift Dress // Similar necklace from Evereve (formerly Hot Mama) here
Similar bootie here

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Casual Date Night

Tooth and I have been trying to get away for little dates here and there. Most of the time we take Blakely with us. But I’m starting to get a little more comfortable leaving her. This is a huge success!! Because with Ryder I was NOT ready to leave him at this point (7 weeks old). It’s so good to get a little time away and recharge your batteries away from the babies! This T is so comfy and so easy to dress up or down. I hate this "fourth trimester" when nothing fits. Tight tops are not my thing right now because a. they are not comfy! and b. looser tops are easier for me to nurse in when I'm out and about with Blakely. And you know I love my accessories! Still loving this necklace and bag! 

Love these heels // Love this RM bag. This link gives you a different color, but it's on sale!
Black Jeans // Can't find this exact necklace, but here is same brand and similar style
Easy T to dress up or down

Sunday, September 13, 2015

Blakely Gray - 6 weeks old

I have a love-hate relationship with Pinterest. I got this cute idea for these pictures off of Pinterest. But OMG I swear, Pinterest is going to be the death of me! It eats away at my soul!!!! LOL Reminding me of all the cool and creative things I never did that break my heart. Or things I "should" be doing, but don't. And the one million things I wish I did.  I swear every time I log into Pinterest a part of my soul dies!! And I feel like a failure and want to cry. Sooo... why do I keep looking?! Oh yeah. Because I get cute ideas like this...

I took these pictures of Blakely because I can't believe she's already 6 weeks old. The time has gone so fast. I think she is just beautiful and can't get enough of her and those amazing squishy cheeks! :) She's so alert and is starting to make cute little baby noises. She loves bath time and is so calm and snuggly after. I love it! I seriously can't get enough of her. I just kiss her and squeeze her as often as I can. Taking these sweet baby moments all in!


Saturday, September 12, 2015

Bro Code

These two. They are so cute together. Ryder LOVES TJ. I mean, he LOVESSSSS him. And I think TJ is ok with all the love. ☺ TJ is a great big brother to Ryder. Always has been. He plays with him and takes care of him and I love watching their brotherly love grow. They are so cute together! Watching them become big brothers to a little sister has been so wonderful. TJ fell in LOVE with Blakely the second he saw her. He’s always coming home from school and asking how she’s doing. Asking to hold her and cuddle her on the couch. The cutest. I’m so grateful for this family of mine. I love watching the relationships between all three kids and can’t wait to watch Blakely’s big brothers take care of her. They’ve got her back already! I hope the bond between all of them just gets better and deeper with age.

Here is a random selection of pictures of my boys. I love watching their brotherly bond grow. And watching them become big brothers to a little girl... The sweetest!

 These two. I mean, have you ever seen such cute dudes!? I sure do love them.
This photo was taken at Ryder's 1st Birthday shoot. Photo by Laura Murray Photography. I love this picture. This perfectly captures their love for each other!

This photo is by Kathleen Peachey Photography.
These photos were taken for our Christmas card last fall. Ryder is just over 1 year and as usual, he's cracking us up!

Ryder is always telling us "walk!" and that means "come with me... we're gonna go play together". LOL Watching TJ in his big brother roll is the cutest. He has the best heart and is so caring and loving towards Ryder. Even when Ryder is annoying! Ha!

I just LOVE this picture. STUDS!

This was the day Blakely was born. TJ fell in love with her the second he laid eyes on her. He's always saying "she's so cute!!" and "oh my gosh I don't want her to grow up! She can't get any cuter than this!" and it just puts a smile on my face to watch him love her. 

This was day two of Blakely's life. Day 1 Ryder wasn't too into her. LOL He didn't want to sit by her or take pictures with her. He didn't even have much interest in checking her out, either. But he did go in for one quick kiss. And that was that. He was over it after that one kiss for the day. Haha.

TJ's always asking to hold Blakely and loves to cuddle her. This is his favorite position. He wants her to be "cozy" and loves how her cheeks squish up. 
I just love these kids of mine and can't believe I have three kids. What?! How'd that happen? Being their mom is the best gift and I thank God for it every day. Please don't grow up too quickly, little babies! I want to capture all these moments and put them in my pocket! To say I feel blessed is 1. kinda cheesy and 2. an understatement (to say the least). I can never find the words to describe the love I feel for these babies. I just hope they know how loved they are!

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Last Preggo Pics - 39 weeks

No, I’m no longer pregnant (thank heavens!). But we took some pics together a few days before we had Blakely. TJ wasn’t able to make it to our maternity photo shoot and I just wanted to get some pictures together with us 4. Even if it was just one good picture (whenever there is a toddler involved, it’s tough to get decent photos)!

I have the hardest time capturing Ryder. He sees the camera and takes off running in the other direction. LOL I’m always desperate to capture his personality and adorable face. My husband thinks my obsession with photos of him is really annoying. And strange. He doesn’t get it. But I have this desire to capture every expression, every moment. You think you’ll always remember the sweet faces, their tiny hands, funny things they say. But you don’t. I remember when TJ was about 4 years old and cracking up at the funny things he’d say. I thought “I’ll never forget this!!” but I did. You just do. Time passes and I already look back at younger pictures of Ryder and you forget how tiny they were.

I really wanted to get some last pictures together before this baby came. I knew our lives would be changed forever and I just wanted some of us 4. Even though I felt huge and SO uncomfortable at this point in pregnancy. I figured some day I’d look back fondly on being pregnant and smile while I remember feeling her twisting and turning in my belly. I love that feeling!

We went up to the Highlands Ranch Mansion to take these. We also did our gender reveal for this pregnancy at the HR Mansion, so this place will always have wonderful memories for Tim and I. How handsome are my boys?! :)

I guess my hubby knows how to get at a good angle to make my belly look small? Because I swear it was MUCH bigger than this picture makes it look. LOL I can't believe this was just 6 weeks ago! I remember missing my bump after Ryder was born. Missing feeling him move around there. I thought I would feel the same way this time around, but I don't! I felt SO big and was so over being pregnant at the end. I am so happy to have my baby girl here and snuggle her! :)

I just love this family of mine. I know it's so cheesyyyyyy... But I'm so blessed to call them mine.

I just love this little goofball. I remember feeling the need to soak up every possible moment with him before his baby sister got here. And I'm glad I did! Since Blakely was born I haven't been able to spend very much one on one time with my Ryder man. Even though I'm with him every day, I miss him! 

We're in trouble...

Since we took these pictures, TJ got his braces off. Which makes him look even older. I can't believe how fast the time is flying by. I swear he was 4 years old one week ago and we were talking about dinosaurs!

Love this little dude so much! And those loafers KILL me :)

Ryder is always saying "hold you" and it just melts me. He loves to be carried. Which was extremely difficult being very pregnant. But someday when he turns down being carried, I'll miss this.

My three dudes. Love them!

This picture is one of my favs!

This stud! I can't believe he's already 11 years old!