Friday, April 29, 2016

Surprise Date Night!

Happy FRI-YAY!! Last weekend Tooth surprised me with a date night. It's been a while since we've had a one-on-one date, so we were really excited! He took me to Upstairs Circus, which I hadn't even heard of! Upstairs Circus is awesome and so worth trying. It's similar idea to Canvas and Cocktails only you are given multiple options of crafts you can do. The shop is SO cute and the house cocktails are adorable. I'm a sucker for a cocktail with a cute name! ;) 

We chose our individual crafts and got to work! We had so much fun!! Tooth told me it reminded him of labs in dental school and had lots of funny stories I've never heard. I highly recommend trying it out. I want to go back! Lots of chicks in there for sure. Tooth was one of two guys in the place! Major props to my hubby for surprising me on a date night he knew I'd enjoy and something that was totally out of his comfort zone. #browniepoints (A picture of our crafts is below.)

This sweater is so light and fun. I love the detail on the back! I love wearing plain tops so I can mix up the accessories. This clutch is a favorite of mine and of course I've been living in these nude heels. Love them! I got these jeans on clearance at Express and they are so comfortable! Super stretchy and high waisted (low waisted after having a baby is NOT OK). LOL

My sweater is sold out - dang! But here are some light weight sweaters that are great for spring and summer: herehere and here.
Hinge Heel. Also love these and these.
Express Jeans. Also love these.
MK Watch // Cross ring
You guys know I LOVE my Benny J Designs bracelets!
Necklace. Also love and love.
Fun clutches I'm digging here:

Here is a picture from our date night. Tim made/painted a bottle opener (shocker! Ha!) and I painted this Chanel perfume bottle. We had a lot of good laughs that night and now I get a reminder of this fun night every time I look at this painting! (It's hanging in my closet.)

Hope you all have a great weekend!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Makeup Must Haves: Face

Hey guys! Here is the second part of a three part series about my makeup must haves! Today I am talking about my favorite concealers, tinted moisturizers and more! I have tried a ton of different products over the years and finally feel like I've found some great products! I love all of these items below and use them for different occasions. 

1. Primer, Concealer, Tinted Moisturizer, Foundation
These are my favorites! I use all of them for different reasons. Whenever I am looking for a new brand/coverage/texture in my product, I just ask for help. I go to Sephora and tell them exactly what I'm looking for. 

(From left to right.)
Too Faced - Hangover Primer
This stuff is amazing! I've never understood the purpose of a primer and never felt the need to use one. I use this when I'm really getting ready. Like for GNO, date night, something where I am actually putting energy into getting ready. LOL Which is not a daily occurrence for me (or most stay-at-home moms, right?!). I always pair this with my Too Faced foundation (linked below). This primer just smoothes out your face and makes everything silky smooth. Like butter! 

This foundation is beautiful! Seriously the best. I get so many comments about my "smooth skin" when I'm wearing this foundation. But it isn't really that my skin is super smooth. It's just the magical combination of the above primer and this foundation that does the trick! I went to Sephora and told the girl, "I want to look like I'm wearing little makeup on my face, but I want FULL coverage to make my skin look flawless." LOL #BOOM I have rosy cheeks and splotchy areas (not to mention some scars from acne! UGH) and sometimes I like my rosy cheeks to be exposed, and sometimes I like to cover it up for a clear, clean face. 

I LOVE this BB Cream. It has a primer in it and it works wonders. This is what I wear 90% of the time. I just rub it on with my fingers and it has the perfect amount of coverage. Covers the blemishes without making my face look like one solid color, so it looks more natural. I highly recommend this BB Cream!

This is the lightest coverage I have. It's super light weight and super moisturizing. I gravitate to this in the summer because it's so light and smooth. This has a tiny bit of coverage but still looks very natural, which I love! 

This is full coverage concealer. I wear this to cover up dark spots, acne, etc. I really like this full coverage concealer because it's still very creamy and easy to apply. I HATE when concealers are thick and hard to rub in. 

Smashbox - Camera Ready BB Cream Eyes with SPF!
I use this almost daily along with the Smashbox BB Cream linked above. I love this concealer because again, it covers up the nasty without being too "fake" and covered looking. This concealer is also very creamy and easy to apply!

2. Powder, Bronzer, Blush
These are the current products I am using. I have tried multiple brands and colors, but continue to grab these!

(From left to right)
I love this powder-foundation because it actually covers little blemishes and hides uneven skin tones. I don't like powders that are super light because I'm like, "what's the point?!" and then I'm reapplying it 5 times a day. I love this powder and wear it over tinted moisturizer or BB cream everyday and never feel the need to reapply. 

Mac - Powder Blush
I have used many colors of blush from Mac, but this is my go-to. It's darker and has a bit of a bronzy feel to it, which I love. 

Too Faced - Sun Bunny Bronzer
I love this bronzer! I have to be careful with bronzer because I can get overly excited about it and apply too much. Leaving my face looking kinda "muddy". Which is not the look I'm going for! LOL I'm not big into contouring (I really dislike over-contoured faces!) but if I want to add a little color to my neck or cheek (especially when I'm ghost-white), I use this bronzer. 

This is a fun mix of three shades. I love playing around with this and sometimes to a very light "highlight" on my cheeks with the lightest pink. I think I'll use this a ton in summer. It just has a happy glow to it!

3. Setting Spray

I just started to use a setting spray. This really is a game-changer! Honestly, I forget about it most days because I have little ones and I'm just trying to get ready fast! But if I'm going out to dinner or out with friends and I spend real time (meaning more than 5 minutes!) on my makeup, I use this to help set the makeup in for longer wear. And I do feel it makes a difference! After being out for a long day or night, I'll come home after putting this over my finished makeup and everything is still in place! 

Would love to know your favorite products! Let me know if you try any of these out and what you think. Makeup is so much fun! I kinda can't wait for Blakely to steal my makeup ;-)
Check back in next Wednesday for my Makeup Must Haves: LIPS!  (See Makeup Must Haves: Eyes HERE)

Monday, April 25, 2016

The Wedding Guest with The Black Tux

It's that time of year! Wedding season is in the air! I love this time of year because the weather change is so happy and crisp. The excitement of summer brings me so much joy. I don't know about you guys, but sometimes having the perfect outfit for special occasions can be stressful! I will share with you where you can rent a suit or tuxedo to give you guys some tips on what to wear, no matter the style of wedding or event.

Also, if your husband is anything like mine, he needs some help! Ha! Tim has great style but something about a wedding makes him a little unsure and he's always asking me "does this go together?", "is this still in style?", "can I wear a black belt with a blue shirt?". So I will be giving tips for both you and your hubby/boyfriend!

This guide is so helpful! I will be linking dresses I love below in a variety of "event types" from this chart. Also, head over to rent a suit or tuxedo - casual, beach formal, black tie, etc! I seriously wish Tim and I had this guide and knew about this site before now! Tim has had ONE suit for the past 12 years and wow... Time to upgrade! LOL Just looking at this site makes me wish we had a formal event (or 6) to go to so I could dress him up all fancy. :)

You can rent anything, in any combo from this site. From one piece to the entire outfit! The price point of these rentals are also fab. I personally like options and different styles. While it's nice to have your own suit on hand, it gets boring to wear the same one over and over again (just ask Tim!! Ha!). When you rent a suit or tux, you can get a variety of colors, styles, etc and have confidence knowing that the style of his outfit is appropriate to the type of occasion you are celebrating! 

Click HERE to see how it works. Bonus: FREE SHIPPING and FIT, guaranteed! 

I absolutely love THIS tan suit (this is the "complete outfit") for a casual or beach wedding. I am actually kind of obsessed with tan suits!! And THIS classic black suit is perfect for a black tie event. So sleek and sharp! And how can I not mention this amazing NAVY suit? Love it!

Here are some dresses I'm loving right now for summer weddings or other special events:
Chiffon Maxi Dress - Stunning! So elegant. I love this dress! Someone please invite me to your wedding so I can wear this! ;-)
Lace Fit & Flare Dress -  This blush color is beautiful. I love how light this dress is. And I'm so into lace right now!
Dot Mesh Dress - This is so fun. This dress would love amazing next to a man in a classic, clean black suit!
Eyelet Dress - The bright orange is beautiful and fun! The eyelet detail is gorg and I would pair this would some bold earrings.
Embellished Gown - Beautiful. I love wearing dresses that have detail like this because you don't have to do much else to make this outfit beautiful! I picture this with a nude heel and next to my main squeeze in a tan suit?! AHHH. I love it. 
High Neck Dress - I love this simple black dress! So perfect. You can dress this way down or dress it up with some killer heels and fun jewelry! Everyone needs a go-to black dress in their wardrobe. 

Hope this helps! I'd love to know if you guys dress up your guy in a suit or tux from The Black Tux! Would love to hear about your experience and duh... I'd love to see pics of you all dressed up for you special occasions! Happy shopping, friends!

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Blakely Gray - 8 Months Old

I'm SO late for this month! Oops. Tooth just reminded me that she'll be turning NINE months next week! AHHH... Where has the time gone!? Anyway, these pictures are from our spring break vacay in Florida. They were taken on her actual 8 month mark. I've been delaying posting these pictures because 1. I've been so overwhelmed with our busy schedule lately and 2. I am trying to sit down, upload my pictures to Lightroom and actually spend time learning how to edit photos the way I like. But there is a HUGE learning curve there and I'm gonna need lots of practice before my pictures even look semi decent. So for now, these are gonna have to do.

Life has just been so busy lately! I had this vision of getting the perfect pictures of Blake on the beach and taking her 8 month photos. But... I just couldn't get it to work out the way I had planned in my mind. I couldn't get a good angle, the sun wasn't working with me and of course she was WAY more interested in eating the sand playing with the sand than looking at me! She LOVED the beach and could sit and watch the waves all day. It was the cutest thing watching her take it all in!

Anyway, my baby girl is SOOO much fun. She wasn't crawling at the 8 month mark. She was kinda pulling herself around if she wanted something nearby. She loves watching her big brother, Ryder and is always so happy when he's around.

She started eating baby food! This is a huge moment for me. I don't know why but it makes her seem so much older. It's a big step away from being my bitty newborn baby. When Ryder was a baby he HATED baby food. It took multiple attempts (and several weeks on and off of trying) before he was into it. But Blakely... she loves it! She wasn't a big fan of green beans (can you blame her?) but has enjoyed everything else.

She has 6 teeth and I love them! I remember loving Ryder's little baby teeth, too. They are just so sweet with their little toothy grins! UGH, I'm so in love. Blakey is a great sleeper, sleeps about 12 hours every night and still takes 3 naps. She goes down easily and is such a pleasant little girl. She loves to "chat" and make noises. She also LOVES when Ryder isn't looking and playing with his tools! LOL

Her and Lincoln continue to snuggle and love each other. She tugs on Lincoln's ears, fur, tail, etc and he never seems to mind. She CRACKS UP when he plays with his toys and plays tug of war with me or Ryder.

Sometimes I dance for her (LOL it's not pretty!) and she loves it! Gets the biggest smile and watches me with excitement. She loves being outside and going on walks (which we try to do most nights after Tim gets home from work). Sweet baby girl has always loved bath time and thinks bubbles are so confusing! Trying to grab them and is genuinely confused when they disappear after she touches them!! LOL

When Blake was really little, she hated being rocked! It was so strange to me. But if I tried to sit down and rock her to sleep or to calm her down, she'd get so upset! She always preferred to be bounced or for me to pat her booty. But now she lets me rock her after her last meal of the day before getting in bed. I just sit in her cozy, dark room and hold her. And rock her. And stare at her perfect little pout. Watching her breathe in and out. It's the sweetest, most innocent and wonderful thing. I have to force myself to put her in bed because I just want to squeeze her and cuddle her alllllllll night long. Oh my GOSH, I love that girl!

She loves her daddy and smiles the biggest smiles for him. She'll just sit in her high chair with a toy and watch him move around the kitchen smiling at him. It's adorable. Seeing Tim with her is soooo cute. I just see him melting over her and OMG is there anything better?? I can't wait to watch their relationship grow. He's always saying things like, "hey beautiful girl" and she gets the biggest, toothy grin. It is the BEST!

These 8 months have flown by and I feel the time slipping through my fingers. I swear just yesterday I was feeling all these baby feels for Ryder. And now he's two and a half! WTF?! He's so old and I can't believe how quick it goes!

Ryder gives her a kiss every night before she goes down for the night, but other than that he's not loving the idea of sharing toys with her and still doesn't seem to get what all the fuss is about over her! LOL But he is very sweet to her when she's upset and smiles at her in the car (their car seats face each other) which is so cute! "Mommy! Bwakewy smiwe at me. She has teeth, mommy!" I just can't handle how much I love them. I never knew my heart was capable of feeling this way. And it's wonderful and overwhelming. I hope they know how much they are loved! I just love them and want to hug them and squeeze them. And even then I can't seem to get them close enough or hug them tight enough!!!

Happy 8 months, baby girl. Please stay tiny and chubby and delicious forever.

She LOVED the sand and kicked her legs with JOY! Ha! The funniest and cutest thing ever. Like she was thinking, "what IS THIS?! This floor is soft! And I can pick it up in my hand?!! COOL!"

I would have never been this laid back with Ryder as a baby. I remember being at the beach with him when he was 5 months old and being SO paranoid about the sand getting on him. Giving him a rash or getting in his mouth. Ha!

These chubby baby arms and fingers?! I. CAN'T. HANDLE. IT!!!

Ok, so I realize that was WAY more pictures than anyone would ever need to see of this #failed photoshoot. LOL But I can't help myself. Plus, I tried to edit them in Lightroom. Can you tell? Can you?! ;-) #rookie

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Makeup Must Haves: Eyes

So excited for my first beauty blog! This is the first of a three part series I'm doing. I will start with eyes today and focusing on my current favorites. 

I have to start by saying that I am not a makeup artist! So take everything with a grain of salt. These are all products I love. I have so much fun with makeup and trying new things to find what works for me. 

I really like shopping at Ulta because I love their rewards program! But I also shop frequently at Target, MAC and Sephora. I find I get the most help from the employees at MAC and Sephora. I trust their advice and will always ask for help if I have any questions. Don't be afraid to ask for help! And don't feel pressure to buy something just because they recommend it. You are the only who is paying for it and has to wear it! 

1. Eyeshadow Primer
I apply this before I apply my eyeshadow to keep my eyelids from getting creases or smudging throughout the day. I rarely skip this step because I do feel like it makes a big difference in keeping my shadow in place!

MAC - Paints, Bare Canvas
This is a neutral color and I apply this with my pinky finger. I have loved this for years!

Urban Decay - Eyeshadow Primer Potion (anti-aging)
This is anti-aging and is clear. This comes with a little wand to apply it on eyelid. This one is great if you don't want the color from the MAC primer to show.

2. Eyebrows
This is a must for blondes! My eyebrows are so light and adding some color to get them to be seen is something I never skip. I am obsessed with eyebrows! LOL I think having great brows totally changes the way a face looks. If you've never colored your eyebrows before, I highly recommend it! You don't have to go crazy and make them really dark. I actually have a fear of looking like the "lady in red" chick from Dodgeball. Ha!! 

Look at this before and after! BIG difference! Seriously... Just look up "eyebrows before and after" on Pinterest.
Picture cred: Pinterest

IT Cosmetics - Heavenly Luxe Brush #12
This brush was a game changer for my brows. It's made specifically made for filling in your brows and I really like the way it applies the Build A Brow cream linked below.

IT Cosmetics - Build a Brow
This is a cream based color that is waterproof! I just recently started using this and I love it!

Catrice - Eye Brow Set
This is a great brow set! It comes with two colors and has a brush and mini tweezers in the bottom, which is great for traveling and then you don't need to buy an additional brush if you're just trying out the whole filling in the eyebrow look for the first time. 

3. Eyeliner + Mascara
I use a lot of different liners, but these two are my go-to choices! Also, I have tried soo many different mascaras and this one is by FAR my fav. 

The name of mascara... Need I say more?

This is a great brown and everyday color. I also feel like pencil is easy to apply!

Rimmel - ScandalEyes
This liquid liner applies dark and so smooth. But I do feel like liquid liner is just harder to apply! I'm still working on how to do this! LOL

4. Eyeshadow
I have an obsession with eyeshadow kits! I have been loving this one because it's great for everyday use. 

Tarte - In Bloom
These colors are easy to apply for a natural look but also have beautiful darker colors if you're going for a darker, smoky eye. I have been using this almost everyday!

This is my all time favorite blending brush. Must have!

Hope you guys are having a great day! Would love to know if you try any of these out and if you like it or not! Or if you have any favorites, I'd love to hear!

See other products I love!

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Snowy Spring Style

Hey guys! This snowy weather is having me bust out all my winter clothes again! Typical Colorado! A lot of my outfit is no longer available because it's from a different season. So I linked similar items in fun colors for spring and summer below. 

I am always a fan of easy and comfortable outfits. If you take off the shoes and accessories, it's just plain leggings and a plain, loose T. My kinda outfit! This T is from Fabrik and it's SOO soft. Fabrik is one of my fav boutiques to shop because it's a larger store and has the cutest stuff at a great price point. 

And Blakers is just the cutest thing I've ever seen. Love these leopard moccs from Freshly Picked. Her binky clip is from Lou Lou Lollipop Finery and they have the cutest teething jewelry and toys for both genders!

I just LOVE when she smiles so big her nose gets scrunched up. :)

My exact sweater is sold out, similar one here from Fabrik
Similar scarf here + love this for spring/summer
RM cross body + love this

Monday, April 18, 2016


Bras. I hate spending money on something that is "needed". It's like paying to get your tires rotated! Necessary, but not fun. LOL But I do have a few that I LOVE and wanted to share them with you guys. I tend to gravitate towards the realllllllly comfortable (and kinda grandma-ish) bras. LOL My number one goal is comfort, as usual! Since I am no longer part of the Itty-Bitty-Titty-Committee, I have found I need to be a little bit pickier about how my bras fit/feel. Because now they have an actual job! LOL Gotta hold those suckers up!!! 

I usually order bras online from Destination Maternity (currently having a sale!) and if I have sizing issues I just return it in store. I hate shopping with kids. I never feel relaxed, I am rushed and I don't make the best decisions when I'm in a hurry! So shopping online gives me the time to relax, research and then try them all on in the comfort of my own home. Plus, there are way more options with colors, sizes, etc online and that is always helpful. 

This one is my absolute FAVORITE: Seamless Clip Down Bra. It is so comfortable!!! This is a must have bra in my opinion. It doesn't give you the pinched back fat and just feels like it's part of your body. Sometimes I forget it's on and go to bed at night still wearing it! (Which is saying a lot coming from someone who NEVER sleeps in bras!)

This bra from Dairy Fairy (Lace Hands-Free Bra) is so cute! I bought it in both colors and LOVE that I can pump hands-free in this one. Just makes it so quick and easy to get a pump session in because I can brush my teeth, etc while I'm pumping and I don't have to waste time putting THIS on. (Although this is an option!) 

This Wireless Full Coverage Bra is also very comfortable and looks a little less grandma-y. LOL Very comfortable! And of course, you need a (Motherhood) Sports Bra! I love this bra and wore it even after I stopped nursing Ryder because I just felt like it kept everything in place and I love how it doesn't makes me feel all squishy. DANG YOU, back fat! I really like that the straps aren't super thick (like some sports bras). So if you wear this before or after workouts in non-workout clothes it doesn't look like you have a HUGE, supportive sports bra on! Even though you do. 

I always like wearing nighttime nursing bras, especially in the newborn days when your boobs are still trying to figure out how much milk to make, therefore leaking all over! A Pea in the Pod Nursing Sleep Bra is my go-to. There are no clips, just pull over. This bra is very comfortable and I like wearing nursing pads at night to keep from leaking everywhere. Very helpful to have a bra on at night to hold nursing pads in place so if your baby sleeps longer than usual (or if your hubby does a nighttime feeding) your boobs can leak but you won't wake up in a puddle of breast milk!

When I nursed Ryder in public, I always covered up. I loved my Hooter Hider but OMG it made me so HOTTT!! This time around, I am a lot less conservative. Aint nobody got time for that! I just whip it out and try to cover everything with my shirt (and I always wear a tank top under my shirt so that when I pull my shirt up, I'm not flashing everyone my entire torso!). Because I've never really covered Blakely while nursing, she HATES when I do try to cover her up. But if I feel the need to cover up a bit more, I just put a blanket over the side of her head. People, JUST LOOK AWAY!!! Or look. Whatever. ;)

Here are a few more things I have loved:
The BEST nursing pads - LilyPadz
Nursing Poncho. These are SO cute! And double as a nursing cover and a carseat cover. Also, this nursing cover wraps around your entire body so your back isn't exposed, which is always nice!

Hope this helps! Happy Monday!

Saturday, April 16, 2016

Cropped Skinny Jeans

Hey guys! I am loving these cropped skinny jeans so much!! I bought similar style in three colors! Ha. Cropped skinny's are perfect for shorter people because then you aren't left with tons of extra fabric to roll up 5 times. I love a little ankle showing and wearing cute kicks with this style pant. And the added detail on the front of this army green paint just makes me happy!

These shoes are also amazing and go with everything! They are adorable and not too high. I feel completely stable in these, which is always important to me when I'm carrying around little babies. This shirt is a MUST! You can dress it up or down and it's longer in the back. So comfortable and the flowy look is so forgiving. 

This bag is a copy of a much pricer version. (I will link both below.) This bag also comes in white, which is great for summer! I love small cross body bags I can wear and be hands free (with or without running errands with kids). 

I love mixing a few bracelets from Benny J Designs and a stack I have from Bauble Bar. Seriously my favorite. I love bright colored bracelets! And of course, my earrings and rings are from Mark Hadley's Diamonds are custom and amazing. If you're looking for ANYthing, they can make it and you'll have so much fun working with Mark and Natalia. I'd love to work with you to create a special piece! Contact me and we can work together or tell Mark I sent you and you'll get the royal treatment fo sho!  

Hope you guys are having a great week! I have major spring fever and can't wait to have some drinks on patios! Who doesn't love a great happy hour outdoors in Denver? The best!! 

Hope you guys are having a great week! I have major spring fever and can't wait to have some drinks on patios! Who doesn't love a great happy hour outdoors in Denver? The best!! 

Mark's Diamonds in Cherry Creek
Cross body splurge! - similar here + here
Denver Street Boutique cropped denim - more here + here
Nude heel // Shirt from Fabrik - similar here + here
Bracelets from Benny J Designs + Bauble Bar

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Shine Bright Like A Diamond

I'm such a sucker for baby hoods with ears! The cutest. I've also been having so much fun buying things for Blake on Etsy.  I didn't/don't do a lot of Etsy shopping for Ryder... but the girl stuff is SO. MUCH. FUN!! Blakes onesie says "shine bright like a diamond". And this gold heart headband... I can't deal with all the cuteness! These pictures were taken over a month (or two or three??) ago and I can't believe how big she's gotten. They change so much so fast in the first year. Those cheeks. I LOOOOOOOVE THEM! I feel so behind on organizing all our photos and videos. I have really tried to keep up on it since Blake was born. But we've had a hell of a 2016 so far. Just SOOOO INSANELY BUSY. Most of it has been good-busy, but some not so much. 

We have had a lot of family visit this year, which we love. We have no family living in Colorado and it's so wonderful when they are willing and able to come spend some time with us and our growing family. Tim's mom came out, my mom came out, Tim went on his annual guys golf trip, my dad and his wife came out and now my brother and his (pregnant) girlfriend are in town. (I'M GONNA BE AN AUNT - again!!!! YAHOOO! This is my brothers first baby and I can't wait to meet him!) 

We spent time in Florida recently for Spring Break. We had so much fun, but I'd be lying if I said it wasn't a LOT OF WORK traveling with multiple young kids. Wowsa. We were already exhausted from the trip and then our direct flight home got cancelled (due to weather in Florida) and it took us two full days to get home. Lot of flights, driving, layovers (and tantrums!!!) but we finally made it home. I've never been soooo grateful for my bed. LOL

We also had major hail damage on our home about 9 months ago. Every single window on our home had to be replaced and it was NOT. FUNNNN. We were living in and out of a hotel for three weeks. Oh my gosh. It was so hard. A month later and the windows still aren't finished. UGGHHHH. It's not fun having millions of workers in your home. And when it interferes with nap time????? OMG. Awful. Long story short, we've been very busy. 

Anyway!!! I seriously love these jeans from Pinks in Denver. They are so stretchy and I love the overly distressed look. These flats have been a fav of mine for years! They were a steal from Nordstrom Rack. I will link similar ones below. I wear this vest all the time! It's such an easy layer to add interest to any outfit. I love that it's longer! And I really like these boyfriend button up shirts right now. They are very comfortable, cute and easy for nursing. I love that I feel like I got dressed (a rare occasion these days! LOL) but still feel super comfortable. I hate when clothes make me feel restricted. Especially when I'm with two kids!

These toes! I have an obsession with baby feet and have approximately 1 million pictures of her little toes. :)

I'm seriously going to miss these chubby rolls when they're gone! They bring me so much  happiness!

The moment your baby gets reallllly excited and accidentally slaps you in the face! Ha!

Denim from Pinks // Vest
Similar flats here + here + here
Similar boyfriend shirt