Monday, August 31, 2015

Blakely - 1 month old

Blakely turned one month old a couple days ago. I can’t believe how fast the time has gone! She is the sweetest little thing there ever was. She’s sleeping well and I don’t feel too run down most days. This is much different from when Ryder was a newborn and I was so exhausted I felt nauseous most of the time!! I was a walking zombie! She’s been great at nursing from the very beginning. She loves bath time and is very alert! She loves when you sit and chat with her and also loves being sung to. Oh my heart! I just love her so much. She loves to lay on the couch, spread out and look around. Her black hair just keeps getting longer and I love it! She’s a little cuddle bug right after she eats and I swear I could sit and stare at her squishy little face ALL. DAY. LONG.

We decided to get some pics of our one month old. I knew Ryder wouldn’t cooperate, because he never does. But I just told Tooth to put him next to me and snap away. Even if Ryder was screaming and crying (like he usually does. Which I actually don't mind. I love capturing his real emotion. Even if it isn't pretty or "perfect". Sometimes the imperfect moments are the best.) But instead of crying and running away, he sat next to me and asked to hold Blakely. OMG. I think my heart melted into a puddle right there. He must know that my love language is photography. I was so excited, you guys. He hasn’t held Blakely yet!! He’ll kiss her sometimes. He’ll check on her and give her the binki. But he has had no interest in touching her. LOL So this moment literally melted me and I’m thrilled it happened while we had the camera out! Best moment ever.

Ryder's already better at soccer than me. At least when I hold a baby I can blame my lack of skill on the fact that I have an infant in my arms. LOL

This face. Ha! She's always making this face at me like I've done her wrong! ;)


Oh my gosh! These little smiles! Is this real life?! How is she so cute? :) :)

Ryder isn't screaming or crying. And he isn't running away. I'm obviously thrilled!

Then he asked to hold her (he said, "hold you") and I thought my heart was going to explode right then and there. This is his first time holding Blake. You guys, I really thought my heart was going to burst from so much love!

And then this. He looks at the camera. And again, he isn't crying. He's actually happy to look at the camera and take a decent picture. VICTORY! LOL

Oh my! Then to top it off he leans in for a kiss!!!!

He's pretty proud of himself for loving on her! :)

He gave her a couple more kisses before deciding he was done. I swear I'll never forget this moment. My sweet boy and my bitty baby girl. Oh how I love them. I will cherish this memory and these pictures forever. Shout out to my patient hubby who took these pictures and captured the moments perfectly. I had a perma smile the rest of the day (and it's possible that I'm still smiling about this cute moment right now!).

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Family Date at the Park

Trying to take advantage of these beautiful summer nights. I love the tail end of summer when the nights are cooler. The best! We got Jimmy Johns and decided to eat dinner at the park and let Ryder run off some steam. Ryder is in his happy place at the park and had a blast going down the slide 1,000 times and playing in the water. The water is freezing! But he doesn't seem to mind. Or notice. LOL And this little girl. Just the cutest! Trying so hard to soak up all these moments with my little family. I can't believe she's four weeks old already. Time is flying by! 

I could just eat these chubby little cheeks right off her face!

 This little monkey man. Loves exploring!

Melt my heart with those eyes and that dimple grin. UGH! Love him.

Oh! This sweet girl and her cute little face. So in love!

Daddy's little girl. He's so in love and it melts me watching him with her!

 All this frizzy black hair just kills me :)

Blakely's Outfit:
I've gotten a lot of questions about Blakely's jumpsuit. This thing is so cute! I can't find the exact one but here is a similar one // The cutest moccs that actually stay on newborn feet!
B's bracelet is the cutest! You can get all sizes here.

Ryder's Outfit:
T-Shirt // Shorts // Toms

My Outfit:
I am still wearing mostly maternity clothes at this point. They are just more comfortable while I'm in this in-between stage (the "4th trimester"). Can't wait to get back into my regular clothes!
Similar T-Shirt here // My shorts are old but love these // Flip Flips // MK Watch
Love this Stella and Dot bracelet!

Monday, August 24, 2015

Blakely Gray - 1 Day Old

Our sweet little angel baby is here! Blakely Gray was born July 30th at 7:33am – 8 lbs 3 oz – 20 inches long. 

We have had family in town helping us adjust to our new bundle of love. My OCD self can’t handle the thought of posting things out of order! I still haven’t even written about Ryder turning two, his birthday party, etc. But then I realized no one gives a flip (except me). LOL And, if I don’t just jump back on the blogging bandwagon because things are “out of order” I may never write on here again! Ha! So bear with me while my blogs are random, short and completely out of order for a while. 

I’ll write about Blakely’s birth story in the near (hopefully) future. But for now, here are some pictures taken at the hospital when she was just one day old. I didn't love the photographer we got (we used a random photographer through the hospital). She was squeezing us in and I felt very rushed and it was stressful with the whole family there! A lot of bodies in a little room and Ryder wasn't exactly willing to sit and pose quietly and calmly for pictures (what can you expect from a two year old?!). Blakely was awake and hungry but I didn't have time to feed her because the photographer was in a rush. So she was awake in these pics and kinda one-eyeing the camera in almost all pics. So I was kinda bummed with how the pictures turned out but still thrilled we were able to get some! I remember not loving the hospital pics we took when Ryder was born at first, for different reasons. But now a couple of those pics are my all time FAV!!! And this time I felt like I was comparing these pictures of Blakely to the ones we got with Ryder thinking "oh, I wish the photographer would have done this or that". Ugh, I annoy myself! LOL I'm so picky and just need to shhhhhhh!!! HA! I know I'll look back at these pics and just melt at our teeny tiny brand new baby. She's just the cutest and sweetest... Oh, my heart!!! 

I just LOVE pictures of yawning babies!

Tim and I LOVE this picture. It perfectly captures Ryder's feelings in this moment. LOL The only way we could get him to sit semi-still to take a picture with us was by giving him a sucker. And even then... Look how thrilled he looks BAHAHAHA! The three of us are in love and Ryder's just over it already LOL!

She’s such a good baby and has all of us wrapped around her finger already! Well, maybe not Ryder. LOL He’s still adjusting. ☺