Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Maxi Romper - Target for the WIN

Hey guys! How cute is this maxi romper?? It's from Target for only $30! It's so much fun. I also just love pieces like this that make getting dressed so easy. My nude block sandals are also from Target and I looooove them. I've mentioned them 1,000 times. I am always reaching for these sandals. A steal. Target does it again! 

I've also mentioned this bar necklace 1,000 times. But it really is my favorite. I wear it every day. You can get it engraved with anything to personalize it for yourself or for a gift! These bracelets are a newer addition and they are so pretty! They are a close copy to the Cartier love bracelet. But a fraction of the cost. I got all three (gold, rose gold and silver) because they look so pretty next to each other like this.

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