Saturday, April 1, 2017

Casual Mommy or Weekend Outfit

I'm sure it comes as no shock that this is what I look like most days. With two toddlers, I am constantly covered in food!!! Seriously, so much food. This comfy sweater from Target is a must-have. I have two of them and love them so much. 

These are also my go-to leggings (I have four pairs!). This tote is a favorite of mine. It's so big and can hold everything I need. My love for totes is real, guys. And this one is my favorite. It reversible and comes in another pattern. 

This hat is another must-have basic. I love that it's plain and matches everything. I can throw this one on (when my hair is 6 days dirty) and not worry about it matching whatever I already threw on that morning! These Nikes are also my most favorite. Like, ever. So light weight and comfy! Everything is linked below. :)

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