Thursday, June 30, 2016

Summer Sweater + Yellow Fringe Heels

Hey guys! I love wearing light sweaters in the summer and pairing it with shorts and flip flops, or in this case, ripped denim and fun heels. These yellow fringe heels are everything. I'm totally digging these kicks. 

My hubby got me the Apple Watch for my birthday and it's great. I especially love tracking my workouts (aka walking slowly through my neighborhood) and that I can respond to texts and answer calls from my watch when I'm home. My husband is always getting mad at me for not answering or responding when I'm home because I can't find my phone. Ha! Now I just leave it charging and wear my watch. I am a big fan! I loooooove the rose gold and have gotten so many compliments on it. I highly recommend it for moms who are already carrying 1,000 things and this way you can just leave your phone in your purse but still know when someone is trying to reach you!

I have a couple pairs of tassel earrings and think they are so fun. This bright pink pair from Bauble Bar is awesome. I love bright colors! :) Also, this Starbucks "purple drink" is off the menu. Depending on who is helping you at Starbucks, they either enjoy making different drinks, or get super annoyed. I was lucky enough to get the guy that happily told me, "UGH, I hate when people order these drinks. It's awful." Uhhh... Ok? Soooo... Are you gonna make it?! After he did (with a lot of huffing and puffing) I asked him what it was called. He just shook his head. Hurry, someone grab this guy a CHILL PILL. Eye roll. I told him I would call it "pain in the ass". He cracked a half smile and I skipped away with my awesome purple drink. But, seriously. Lighten UP, people! Geez. 

Anyway, totally worth it. Drink is deLISH! Here is the recipe: Very Berry Refresher with vanilla soy milk with no added water and blackberries. OR this recipe: Passion Iced Tea with soy milk, vanilla and blackberries. Tag me with your Purple Drink! :) @whatsup_buttarcup (One of my favorite go-to gift ideas for any occasion: Starbucks Gift Card)

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