Friday, September 9, 2016

North Eighty GIVEAWAY!!!

YAY for another GIVEAWAY!!! I am so excited to team up with North Eighty to give one lucky winner a $25 STORE CREDIT. (Winner can choose blanket pattern and size.)

I found these blankets on Etsy and fell in LOVE. I decided to get both my babies a large blanket so they don't outgrow it. I loved them so much, I decided to get one for myself! HA! I looooove blankets. It's actually kind of a problem. I collect them! Then my oldest, TJ who is now 12, said he'd like one, too. Even my dog has one! LOL

Every time we are out and I have one of these blankets with me (which is almost always) I get tons of questions about it. Ours are all in the largest size ("kids") but she also has standard size ("baby") and smaller ("lovey") sized blankets.

I wanted a more "masculine" print for TJ, since her shop is for babies. She let me look at the patterns she offers and I chose the one I wanted. Heidi (the show owner) is so sweet! If you aren't the lucky winner, I promise you'll be so happy with this blanket if you choose to purchase one for yourself, your babies or as a gift to someone who is expecting, etc.

Blanket Sizes:
"Lovely" - 18" x 27"
"Baby" - 27" x 35"
"Kids" - 35" x 55" (All my blankets are this size.)

Heidi from NorthEighty is offering all my followers a special discount (good until September 17th)! Use code: SMOOTHLIKEBUTTAR to get 10% off all orders! Yippeeeeee! Head over to North Eighty to check out all the adorable patterns. I'm addicted!

To enter giveaway, go to my Instagram (@whatsup_buttarcup) to see the details. YAY!
Lincoln thinks I bought alllll these blankeys for him. ;)
When these two play together, it melts me! Ryder loves to make her laugh.
To enter giveaway, go to my Instagram (@whatsup_buttarcup) to see the details. YAY!

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