Monday, January 22, 2018

Oversized Cardigan + Truth

This graphic tee was made for me. I'm sure of it. Truth: I didn't always curse like a sailor. But somewhere in my late twenties I just really fell in love with curse words. I can't explain it. The words just get me. They understand that I need a bold word to make my point and to dial up the drama. I didn't mean to start cussing so much. But here I am. Dropping F bombs and "mother f**kers" like it's my job. I do not understand how people can emphasis what they're saying without swearing. The sentences are boring and lack power. Can people honestly say that a "gosh darnit" is good enough when they're reaaaalllllllly pissed off?? Hahaha. I'm kidding. But also serious. Don't start cussing. It's a trap.

My cardigan is sold out. Fuck. But loving the sleeves on this one. And OMG this leopard one. Come to mama! This color is amazing - and it's on sale. Totally digging this long cardigan. And finally, this beauty. Heart eyes! I really love cardigans because they are so easy and comfortable. They also make it so I don't have to throw on a big giant jacket over my outfit on chillier days. (Unless it's really cold and/or snowing.) I hate being cold. But I do love leggings. Leggings are the answer to so many prayers. These are the leggings I love. Have way too many pairs. I used to have them separated into "workout" or "dress up" kinda piles. But now they're just all there. In one big pile. Loving my curves for all that they are. God bless leggings.

**Update: Found sweater here!! Yay!

Photos by Lisa Pummel Photography

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Sequins After the Holidays

I'm always trying to find ways to wear my sequin items after the holidays are over. These sequin pants (currently on sale) are so much fun! I paired them with simple items, so my outfit wouldn't be too overwhelming. This is a great date night look! I love setting up date nights or double date nights out to nice restaurants downtown and having a reason to get dressed up - also knowing my kids won't spill and wipe their food-covered hands all over me! (Side note: If the sequin pants are just too much for you, you could always switch them out for these faux leather pants. So cute and less of a statement.)

I've already mentioned these heels 148 times. But seriously, they're a must-have. They don't break the bank (unlike some others I've been swooning over) and I reach for them over and over again!

Please ignore my faces in some of these pics. LOL I really need to work on my "twirling" face. I was also kinda cold in the shade while shooting this look, so I was extra tense I guess? Ha.

Photos by Jenna Sparks Photography

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Floral Cold Shoulder Top

I love this cold shoulder style. I am majorly crushing on this one! :) And this velvet cold shoulder top. Love. Tooth got me these sunnies for Christmas and I am soo digging them. I've wanted them for a long time, but never took the plunge! I am a little more cautious these days to splurge on sunnies for myself because they get knocked off my head so often with my kids. (Does anyone else feel like they are a human jungle gym alllll dayyyy loooong?? I literally get beat on all day. lol..) But anywho, so glad to have these beauties on my face. I just keep the case nearby - ha!

These booties are newer and I'm really loving them. They are super casual for everyday and very comfortable! I also really like the price point. And you can't go wrong with a classic dark denim! The black bead and tassel earrings are a fun layer. I have a thing for big earrings and was all heart eyes when I saw these! :)

Photos by Jenna Sparks Photography

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Ryder's Monochromatic Room

Ok. I'm sorry in advance for the picture overload. I legit can't help myself when it comes to these kiddies! I recently wanted to get some pics of the kids in their new rooms. Just documenting this time in our life. Our home is far from being finished (or even unpacked from the previous house!) but I'm trying to be present and find the beauty and joy in the process of all the madness! The kids rooms are probably the most "put together" rooms of the entire house. I really wanted them to feel comfortable in their new rooms when we moved in. So we hung curtains and had their rooms semi set up right away!

The kids have adjusted to the new house so smoothly! Tooth and I have been surprised by how fast they adjusted. And we're so glad they feel safe and home here. :) I switched up Ryder's room just a bit. Going more monochromatic. He loves black and totally digs his new room. The only new things in his room are the pieces of art above his bed and the stuffed doggy! I will link his bedroom decor below.

Photos by Jenna Sparks Photography

Blakley's tee + bows
Prints above teepee + dresser
(FYI his prints are in IKEA frames)
Chevron pouf is West Elm - a few years old. Similar here.
Teepee from Land of Nod