Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Favorite Cardigan for Fall + Winter

This is my favorite cardigan for fall and winter! I bought it in two colors and know I will rewear these over and over again. I am linking lots of cardigans I am digging below. 

This denim is a current favorite. Very comfortable and I love the wash. But if you've been following my stories on Insta, than you know I am also loooooving on these jeggings. Must. Have. My basic white tee is a must. So easy to layer. And these sandals give me all the heart eyes!

I had been saving up for this LV for a while. It was on my list and when I was finally ready to make the purchase, they were sold out!! The lady at LV told me I might as well move on, because they cannot keep them stocked and they're so hard to get your hands on. LV makes the same bag in a pretty pink, but I just really had my mind set on this classic print. Long story short, I ended up buying a different bag (another one that had been on my list of dream bags) and love that one as well. But somehow I ended up stumbling across this fake LV online and the reviews were great! I figured I would get it and see if I liked it. You guys, this fake is so good!!!! I have also purchased a fake Goyard (acutally two, oops) online and was very happy with that purchase as well.

So, since then I've been finding lots of good fakes online and they are at a much better price point. Duh. (See fake Gucci here.) I have a major handbag problem and don't see this love affair ending anytime soon. ;) So throwing in a fake every now and then is a great idea in my opinion! I have several real LV's and I wouldn't have ever known this bag wasn't real. It's a steal, guys! RUN!!!!! (Another great fake LV here.)

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Photos by Jenna Sparks Photography

Rose Cardigan (I also bought in Dark Green)
Basic white tee // Sandals // Fake LV

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