About Stefanie Kathleen

  • I’m a Denver-based lifestyle blogger. A Gemini who is sometimes laid-back and sometimes OCD; a perfectionist striving to find balance in a world filled with chaos. I’m an accessory loving, sarcastic sugar addict who loves God and loves to laugh.
  • Married to an endodontist who also loves God, his kids, fitness, golf and his Jeep (ugh, that Jeep! I can barely get in!). 
  • Step-Mommy to TJ and Lincoln, my Chihuahua. (I obvi didn’t give birth to him, you guys!)
  • Mommy to Ryder and Blakely


fluffy blankets - summer time - the beach - seeing my baby laugh and have fun - pretending to eat organic-only - being a mommy - massages - jewelry - bedding - sleeping in - watching TV in bed at night - E! - happy hour - date nights out with my hubby - my puppy - fruit snacks - Starbucks - British accents - laughing until I cry - sleeping in - lip gloss - slurpees - mimosas - fitness - beauty products - photography - family - traveling - crafting - dining out - writing and on and on…

Things To Know About Me

  • I hate blow drying my hair (it’s like, 4+ hours, I swear)
  • I love the mani/pedi results but HATE getting it done. 
  • My husband calls me Princess and the Pea because my sheets, pillows and PJs have to be JUST right in order for me to sleep. 
  • I hate being late and usually arrive 5-10 minutes early. This is a struggle with kids, but still a goal!
  • Once a dancer in the NFL, NBA, NLL, and AFL. I still love all things dance!
  • When life gets really busy I get overwhelmed and it causes me major anxiety!
  • I love quiet and calm environments and work to make my home feel cozy and peaceful.
I started this blog as a way to keep family and friends updated about our adventures. All things that I love and feel passionate about (God, the realities of mom life, OOTD, interior design, wife-ing, fashion, beauty and style products, and more) will surely end up on the blog and I hope to inspire you and maybe entertain you along the way.

Stefanie graduated from MSCD in 2008 with a BS in Behavioral Science and Nutrition. She writes a column for Denver Style Magazine's blog each month called "Mommy Fashion with Stefanie Kathleen". You can see her contributor blog post for DSM HERE.